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Best Fish Finder Reviews in the Market 2019

Hi, Welcome to my Best Fish Finder Reviews! A fish finder is one such magical tool that technology has gifted to the people who love fishing. Whether fishing is your business, or you do it for the love of it, one technologically advanced fish finder would do the major part of the job for you. Different fish finders are designed to suit the preferred fishing needs of varied kinds, and hence you could probably call no product as the best fish finder. Alike every fish has its unique preference for food, water depth, etc. different fish finders are made to wok according to the living habits of numerous fishes. Thus, one product cannot be declared as the best for all kind of fishing needs, you will definitely have to understand the specialties offered by the variety, as that is when you will be able to locate the most suitable product.

fish finder reviews

The fish finders do act as navigators which successfully guides you towards the kind of fish that you’ve been looking out for. It reduces the effort that people traditional had to put in the entire process. All you will have to do is, equip your boats with the best fish locator, and it will direct you towards the type of fish, that you have come hunting for. It is now that easy.

Consider the following FACTORS to make a perfect choice!

If you are amongst the ones who are largely inclined towards the marine life and wish to spend some time fishing your favorite fish, then you definitely might be thinking more about the fish finder devices. Hence, in the information mentioned below, we discuss the factors that you should consider while buying the fish finders, as this would certainly lead you towards the best fish locators;

Screen size

Rank a product on the basis of the screen size. It is the screen of the fish finders where you have a look at the present fishes, their type, its size, and other things present underneath the sea. Thus check the screen size and the quality of the picture produced.


GPS is the most essential part of a fish finder. The best fish finder shall be equipped with a high-performance GPS device that doesn’t let you get lost in the extreme locations.


The best fish finding device is designed to resist the extreme conditions that are too obvious to occur during the process of fishing. The device shall be made strong enough to resist the different jerks caused, and the same shall also be made to resist water.


The device power is yet another important factor, which talks about the battery backup and device performance. Check the power of the fish finder.

Best Rated Fish Finder Reviews and Comparison

This comparison chart includes best-selling models in the market, and it helps you find the best fish finder for you.

ImageProductDisplay SizeGpsPrice
Garmin Striker 4 GPS Fish FinderGarmin Striker 43.5-inchYesCheck
Humminbird Helix 5 SI5-inchYesCheck
Deeper Pro+Phone/TabletYesCheck
Humminbird Helix 9 SI GPS KVD9-inchYesCheck
Lowrance Hook 3XLowrance Hook 3X3-inchNoCheck
Marcum LX-7 IceMarcum LX-7 Ice8-inchNoCheck
Raymarine Dragonfly 5 Pro FishFinder Raymarine Dragonfly 5 Pro5-inchYesCheck
Venterior Portable Fish FinderVenterior Portable Fish Finder
Humminbird Helix 5 DIHumminbird Helix 5 DI5-inchYesCheck

Now that you know what the best fish finder is, let’s take a look at some of the fish finder reviews.

Garmin Striker 4 [Best Portable Fish Finder for the Money with GPS]

garmin striker 4 fish locator
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The Garmin striker 4 fish finder uses clear-vu scanning sonar which detects the presence of fish my monitoring a large area in the sea. It uses high-frequency sonar, which produces a near-photographic image that reflects the transparent representation of objects, fish type, and the structure of the objects detected.

The device is designed to easily stay in control. Dedicated buttons, keyed interface, and convenient installation process is what makes the use of the device too easy. Hence making the product one of the best fish finders for sale.

This fish finder for sale is equipped with a waypoint map which helps the user to conveniently locate the objects and navigate the other equipments accordingly.

The availability of CHIRP Sonar works while sending continuous frequencies as soon as the objects are detected in the sea. This provides better arch separation enabling more productivity.

The built-in flasher provides a classic flasher format through which you could successfully perform vertical jigging or ice fishing


  • High sensitivity GPS produces quick and efficient results.
  • It allows quick and easy keypad operations, for controlling which; you do not require any kind of expertise.
  • Equipped with CHIRP sonar transducer, which transmits 200 W RMS power to let you quickly catch fish.
  • It allows you to check the speed on screen, and make alterations using the convenient keypad options.
  • The product comes with a backup battery, to enhance performance and service durability.


  • Direct sunlight on the display could lead to blurred vision.

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Series: 010-01550-00
Price Tagged: best fish finder under $200   

ReelSonar iBobber [Castable Bluetooth Fish Finder]

ibobber fish locator
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This fish finder launched by iBobber works on patented sonar fish finder technology which is accredited to deliver promising results.

It is equipped with LED beacon which makes the vision clearer.

The use of rechargeable battery and indicator light reflecting the charge status is what makes this product the best fish finder. The battery equipped in the device holds 10 hrs backup.

The availability of sonar readings holds the capacity to penetrate into the depth of approximately 135 feet.

It comes with 2 snap swivels, which allows you to use the device to be used as either fish finder or bobber.

It comes with an option to be controlled and monitored through the mobile app available on iOS and Android.


  • Easily movable and compact in size.
  • Allows convenient setup options, which could be conveniently traveled from one place to another.
  • Control the device from your mobile from a distance of approximately 100 feet.
  • Low power Bluetooth connectivity is enabled.
  • Holds the capacity to penetrate up to 135 feet underneath the water.


  • Protect your mobile phone once you are using it in compliance with the fish finder device. Use the waterproof case to prevent probable damage.

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Price Tagged: best fish finder under $100

Humminbird Helix 5 SI [Side Imaging Fish Finder with GPS]

humminbird helix 5 si
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This fish finder for sale allows is designed to let the user get 3D quality image output, which offers the option to zoom in at the desired depth. This allows a clear vision of what lies beneath the keel, and you can immediately drop your hook on the object.

The complete power of 4000 W allows you to take the deepest dive through this fish finder. For fish categories that swim in the deepest dark corners of the sea, this equipment proves to be of great advantage.

This product allows you to add additional mappings and chart packs through which you could extend your fishing venues, while not limiting yourself to a set of locations.

The Humminbird Helix 5 SI brings multiple options which make fishing easier, quick, and technologically advanced. The device could be operated through convenient options, which do not demand any kind of expertise.


  • The 3D viewing option enhances the output, and hence increases the product’s worth.
  • Offers the best fish finder GPS combo to suit all your fishing needs.
  • Produces the most accurate and reliable results, for fishing at multiple locations.
  • Switch to different fishing spots, using it variable options.
  • The control panel is easy to operate, providing you with excessive ways through which you get a chance to enhance your fishing experience.


  • Humminbird Helix 5 SI GPS is not found to work with full capacity in shallow water, and this could be tagged as one of the cons that follow the use.

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Series: 409640-1
Price Tagged: best fish finder under $500

Deeper Pro Plus [Wireless Fish Finder]

deeper fish locator
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This fish finder is wireless and could be moved to any location easily. Be it any lake, pond, river, or ocean, you could use…

You could use this product for a continuous 5 and half hours. You could again recharge the battery on the go.

One of these fish finder for both salt water and fresh water. It has the capacity to work anywhere.

Built-in GPS allows you to locate the destinations easily.

It comes with built-in Wi-Fi connections which save your phone data for other emergency needs.


  • This castable fish finder for sale comes with a built-in Wi-Fi connection that protects your phone data from being sucked up.
  • It brings with itself the option of Bathymetric maps which can be downloaded and used conveniently in your mobile and tablet devices.
  • You could use this fishfinder for boat fishing, kayak fishing, shore fishing, and ice fishing as well.
  • Lightweight of 3.5 ounces, makes the device easy to use and port.
  • The Deeper Fish Finder comes with a castable GPS.
  • It allows you to see the colored sonar picture in your mobile device.


  • Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ fish finder doesn’t work well in shallow water.
  • It could be used only with one mobile device at one time.
  • The device has to be submerged halfway in the water, otherwise, it doesn’t work with that perfection.

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Price Tagged: best fish finder under $300

Venterior Portable Fish Finder [Wired Sonar Sensor Transducer]

Venterior Portable Fish Locator
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This Venterior fish finder is meant to detect weeds of all sizes, water depth, approx fish location, rocks on the sea bed, sand, and other objects that are found underneath the sea.

It comes with a round transducer which is made using 25 ft cable, which might be removed when not in need. It is meant for fishing purposes on a boat, on the dock or also for ice fishing.

This fish finder could be used in different fishing areas including sea, river, lake or another different fishing environment.

It is equipped with a waterproof transmitter, while the screen receiver is not waterproof, and hence you would have to take good care of the product to protect the same form the damage caused due to water spillage.

If the depth display gets a continuous 5 minute reading as “—“, the device would automatically switch off.

The different features allowed with the product include;

  • Battery saving more
  • Backlight mode
  • 5 user selectable sensitivity
  • Measurement unit
  • Fish alarm


  • Compatible with all kind of fishing locations, this fish finder is meant to solve the fishing needs of all locations.
  • Multiple features accompanied with the product allow you to have an enhanced fishing experience.
  • Waterproof transmitter elongates the life of the fish finder.
  • The device comes with an automatic switch off feature.


  • Doesn’t works accurately in extremely cold weather conditions. Make sure to keep the device at a temperature above 0 degrees.
  • It doesn’t perform well in muddy water and strong waves.
  • It only reflects the location of the fishes and doesn’t draw any attention on the size and type of the fish.

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Series: VT-FF001
Price Tagged: best fish finder under $50

Humminbird Helix 9 SI GPS KDV [Down Imaging and Side Imaging Fish Finder]

humminbird helix 9 fish locator
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This fish finder is equipped with amazing technologies including switch fire sonar, down imaging and side imaging.

The display is made 9 inches in size, which reflects images in the clearest and accurate form. It comes with the split screen feature, that

It is designed including dual card slots, which enhances the productivity of the task performed by the fish finder.

Humminbird Helix 9 comes with a built-in Auto Chart Live feature, which allows you to customize your own map.

Produces an image in high quality with the resolution of 800 x 480 pixels.


  • It allows you to build your own maps, apart from the ones that are already registered with the device.
  • High-quality output produced enhances the performance of this fish finder.
  • You can have access to both the down imaging and side imaging.
  • Wide display creates clearer pictures


  • Works efficiently in fresh water, in muddy water the performance gets degraded.

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Series: 409950-1
Price Tagged: best fish finder under $2500

Lowrance Hook 3x [Portable Sonar Fish Finder]

lowrance hook 3x
Check Price

Colored LED 3-inch display which produces an image in 320 x 240 resolutions, it allows you to clearly see the image in wide angles and also in the sunlight.

You get broadband sounder along with the fish finder; this allows you to conveniently identify the bottom hardness, fish targets, structure detail, bottom contour, thermodines, and other objects.

You could adjust the settings to manual using advanced signal processing, which adjusts to let you clearly see the fish, bottom detail, and the structure.

The dual frequency operations let you have a wider angle approach beneath the boat.


  • Lowrance Hook 3x comes in a convenient package which could be easily moved from one place to another.
  • The high-resolution good quality image displayed, lets you have better results.
  • Dual frequency feature allows you to see through a wider angle.
  • Change the settings using manual setting option.
  • It lets you conveniently identify the objects under the sea using broadband sounder


  • The efficiency of the device in shallow water is questionable. And hence, you should consider it before buying.

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Series: 000-12635-001
Price Tagged: best fish finder under $250

Marcum LX7 [Ice Fishing Sonar Fish Finder]

marcum lx 7 fish locator
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This Marcum fish finder has an 8-inch LCD display through which you could have a clearer vision of the fishes, their types, and other objects present underneath the sea.

The product allows you to choose the output color variations amongst 4 options.

The dashboard is made user-friendly allowing you to select different options including range, depth, interference rejection, gain, battery voltage, target adjust etc.

The view that you see, could be switched to different options including flasher dial, column vertical, vertical zoom, and horizontal graph.

Maximum image detail is revealed using the dynamic depth interface, which is meant to locks the distance found amid depth and water column.


  • Comes with adjustable screen brightness, color, and backlighting.
  • You see clear images on the display.
  • Quick sonar readings are displayed.
  • Marcum Lx 7 comes with 5 different window displays, where you get to see any 3 of them simultaneously.
  • It allows you to update the fish finder software, whenever you find a suitable update available.
  • The product displays a user-friendly dashboard, which presents easy operation methods.


  • The battery connectors could create several problems; hence make sure to tighten them to avoid such issues.

Check Price

Price Tagged: best fish finder under $1000

Humminbird Helix 5 DI [Down Imaging Fish Finder]

Humminbird Helix 5 DI fish locator
Check Price

The combination of sonar facilities with dual beam allows a wider coverage for the device. You can conveniently switch between the wide and narrow beams for advanced fishing options.

The availability of RMS electronic energy allows this fish finder to come up with clear and high-quality image output.

Cover the distance from multiple angles, this enhances your fishing experience and allows you to produce maximum output.

The Humminbird Helix 5 DI is equipped with an internal GPS antenna, which detects your present position and also informs you about the speed in which you are proceeding.


  • It offers better features at the lowest possible prices.
  • Reflects image in high resolution, which makes the sight more clear and understandable.
  • Humminbird Helix 5 DI comes with a plastic gimbal mount, which is too easy to install.
  • Equipped with GPS technologically, that allows you to access the map which keeps you intact touch with the locations.


  • The depth limit to which this fish finder would work in 200 feet, below which the device wouldn’t mark the fishes well.
  • This may not get the maximum cartography benefits, where for enhanced services you will have to invest in an advanced device version.
  • Maps of European waters are not included, which brings another negative point with the device.

Check Price

Series: 409620-1
Price Tagged: best fish finder under $400


fish finder faq

What is a Fish Finder?

Whenever they hit something harder than water, they are reflected and received from a station again on sonar. Based on the time it takes for the individual waves can then distance determined very accurately. In this way, anglers know how deep the water among them. In addition, however, other irregularities are determined. The Fish Finder uses the technology of sonar. This was originally invented during World War II to find enemy submarines. The device sends for ultrasonic waves, which move at more than one kilometer per second through the water.

The fish finder prepares the information on a graph, which is usually displayed on the integrated display. However, this is not obvious where exactly are fish, but only approximate values concerning the established irregularities. Larger accumulations of dense objects on the seabed may, for example, be an indication of a shoal of fish.

How to Find the Best Fish Finder?

With so many fish finder brands, models, and types on the market, it can be very time consuming finding the right one. This site is designed to reduce that time spent searching and help you find the right fish finder for your boat and style of fishing. Fish finders are an expensive item, so it’s important to do your due diligence before buying. Take some time to read the fish finder reviews and comparison charts provided on this site before deciding…

What is a Portable Fish Finder?

Portable fish finders are electronic devices that provide assistance in catching fish. It is not necessary anymore to spend hours on end trying your luck in waters that may be empty of any fish. With this unique and useful device, you can save a lot of your precious time in scouting for fish and can straightaway proceed to the task of fishing. This device works on the basis of radar signals that enable you to zero in on the exact position of fish in the surrounding water. You can also get a clear view of the ocean bed thus making your fishing activity even more efficient. These devices are available in a number of different shapes, sizes, and designs and come packed with diverse features. This can sometimes make it difficult to make a choice that you are satisfied with. Following are some of the guidelines that can help a discerning customer in making an informed decision that he/she will not regret later on:

  1. The first thing that one needs to decide first is the amount of money that one is willing to spend on a portable fish finder device. The budget must be kept strictly in mind and only the models corresponding with the budget should be looked at so that you do not end up spending well outside your limits.
  2. You should check the clarity of the display screen before you make your purchase. Many new models are now equipped with screens that offer very clear and sharp views and this aspect must be explored before you make a choice. You should not buy an electronic fish finder before asking to see the display first-hand.

Which is Right for You Portable or Fixed?

Fishers have the choice of buying a fishfinder that will be attached lastingly to their watercraft, or one that could be taken out the craft without breaking a sweat. For those that lease watercraft, ice fish, or head off to places to “fly-in” fish, the portable choice is the one to engage with. Settled fishfinders unquestionably get approval for watercraft owners, as they could be mounted in the precise location they seek. The transducer can likewise be affixed to either the stern, trolling engine or hull – providing the fisher numerous choices.

How does sonar work?

Sonar works by conveying an electronic impulse from the device to the transducer. This urge is transmitted into a sound wave by the transducer, at which focus it is channeled through the water segment. The sound wave will now move into a descending manner until it achieves the lowermost structure – it is right now that it will rebound to the receiving device. The sound wave will likewise “travel” through any items discovered between the lake bottom and the surface of the water (fish or baitfish). When the indicator is gained, the device will then create its readings, at long last illustrating the outcomes on the screen.

What is a Depth Finder?


You want fishfinders with a low frequency, which usually means 50 or 83 MHz. If you happen to be one of those lucky guys or gals who gets to fish in both shallow and deep waters, get a dual frequency finder, which will work anywhere your boat goes.


You need a lot of power to fish significantly more than 100 feet beneath the surface, meaning your finder should possess between 250 and 500 Watts, RMS.

Cone Angle

Deep-sea fisherman should use a narrow-angle cone because it has sufficient resolution in deep water to see your potential catch. Better yet, get a transducer with multiple cones if you can afford it.

Depth Finder Features

Screen Resolution and Size

The more the merrier. Get the biggest screen with the best resolution you can afford. A beautiful, large, high-res screen will enhance your fishing experience, and isn’t that the point? Furthermore, that gorgeous fishfinder might even help you catch a few more fish. You can even use that as an excuse when your spouse confronts you with the credit card bill. Unless you are short of money or you need a more compact portable fish finder. Please let us know how well that works out.

Color Versus Black and White Screens

Get a color. It’ll be hard to find a black and white screen, anyway.


Most modern fish locators come with that, as well they should. This device shows waypoints, which mark navigation aids or your favorite fishing spots. They’re also compatible with charting packages, allowing for detailed mapping. Even if you have a primary GPS on your boat, a backup on your fishfinder won’t hurt. Also, don’t forget that you can use two GPS units for different charting packages.

Specialty Items

You can now get fishfinders that will do everything, but take out the garbage. High-end devices will measure surface speedwater temperaturebarometric pressure, and various other things. Some of this data helps anglers who troll and also drift fisherman. Before you shell out extra money for a top-of-the-line finder, however, ask yourself if it will help you catch the exact species you seek

What are the features of shallow water fish finders?

Here are some of the features you’ll need to consider.


Transducers operate at varied frequencies, from 50 to around 200 kHz, although some go has high as 400kHz. You want one on the high end, fishfinders with 192 or 200 kHz, because you get more detail with higher frequencies.


Shallow fishing requires less power, which thankfully decreases price. Remember, though, that the more power you can muster, the better resolution you’ll enjoy. Just to confuse you even more, fish finding devices manufacturers may use one of two power measures, or maybe even both. They are RMS and Peak to Peak. It turns out that Peak to Peak equal RMS times 8. That means if a transducer’s RMS is 50 Watts, its Peak to Peak is 400. Low power transducers operate at 50 to 150 Watts RMS and high power use 250 to 500 Watts.

Cone Angle

The object projecting off the transducer looks like an upside down ice cream cone, hence its name. Cone angles range from 9 degrees to 60, but most go from 16 to 20. A wide opening containing a large number of degrees means the cone ends in a big circle. It’s best for shallow water because wide openings cover a lot of areas, but with lower resolution. When you become more advanced, and your wallet gets much deeper, you can graduate to fishfinders with dual beams transducers, triple beams and side beams. Just imagine the toys you’ll purchase after you win the lottery.

What is the Best Fish Finder Brands?

The Best Brands: Humminbird, Lowrance, Garmin, Raymarine, Furuno, Hawkeye, Marcum, Vexilar, iBobber, Deeper, Venterior, FishHunter, Signstek, and Eagle Fish Finder

Humminbird Fish Finders

humminbird fish finders

Humminbird fish finders are the biggest name in the business. They’ve been around for over 30 years providing top of the line fish finders, depth sounders, radios, and GPS systems. Produced and manufactured in the USA, they continue to receive top marks and reviews by fishermen everywhere. They stay on the leading edge of technology and have excellent craftsmanship.

Lowrance Fish Finders

lowrance fish finders

Lowrance is a world leader when it comes to design and manufacture of sport fishing SONAR and GPS (global positioning systems). Lowrance, a designer and manufacturer of Sonar, GPS and Aviation instruments, got its start in Joplin, Missouri in 1957. Lowrance has established a global distribution network, encompassing more than 1,500 domestic dealers, distributors, mass merchants and original equipment manufacturers in the U.S., as well as sales distribution outlets in 53 countries worldwide.

Garmin Fish Finders

garmin fish finders

They are most recognized by there products in the GPS market, but also provide top quality fish finders. Garmin International Inc. design, manufacture, and markets navigation and communications equipment for the aviation and consumer markets.

Raymarine Fish Finders

raymarine fish finders

Raymarine is the worlds leading manufacturer of Recreational Marine Electronics including Marine Radar, Multifunction Displays, Fishfinders, Autopilots and more. Formerly existing as the Recreational Marine Division of Raytheon (NYSE: RTN), Raymarine was formed as a company in 2001 after a management buyout, which included the rebranding of all products. Look at their product for upper-end fishfinders.

Furuno Fish Finders

Furuno has designed, manufactured marine electronics for the past 50 years. Recreational & Commercial Monochrome and color fish finders for any size boat ranging in power output from 300 Watts to 3,000 Watts. They sell a high-grade fish finder, provide a nice range of boating accessory technology/price solutions for the fish finder shopper. Don’t forget to compare the fish finder reviews of Furuno with the other major brands.