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Do You Really Need A Fishfinder ?

Never did it dawn on me that there is one to fit just about any circumstance and budget. The problem was, the more I looked into it, the more confused I became.

I was not familiar with the terminology at all. Transducer, Sonar, DualBeam, etc. That’s when I decided to do some research and the deeper I got into it, the deeper it became.

There were times it got a little frustrating, mainly because of lack of information out there, but after many trips to stores, websites and manufactures websites I was able to gather enough information to give in-depth reviews which included star rankings, and information from actual users of the particular one I was reviewing.

I researched 5 different ones for under $100…

So if you’re a little skeptical on whether a fish finder is right for you before you spend a ton of money on one, take a look at the best fish finders category and I think you will be very surprised with the quality of these…

fish finders on market

If you were like me in thinking that a Fish finder is not for you because you only go out every once in a while, you’re wrong. If you’re going to fish, isn’t catching fish the reason you’re going out in the first place?

I know just being either on the shore, or in a small boat is serenity in itself, but actually being able to know where the fish are and catching a big one just adds to the day’s experience in my opinion.

By the way, there is a fantastic Portable Fish finder just for fishermen that fish lakes from the shore at a price you would NOT believe.

I never had a Fishfinder because fishing by surfcasting In N.Y. was a lot different than fishing here on some of the most beautiful and serene lakes I have ever seen.

Well, it has been a journey of love and I’m very happy I did this review site which will be updated continuously with new fish finders, information, etc.

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