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How Flasher Sonar Works

How Flasher Sonar Works

For a long time now, the flasher sonar has been quite a popular item among ice anglers. This particular type of sonar unit is used to reveal objects within the water through a circular screen. For a beginner, the...

Kayak Fishing with a Fish Finder

Kayak Fishing with a Fish Finder

The popularity of kayak fishing has surged in recent years. Fishing as a sport has always had its share of followers, but the increase in the use of kayaks may be attributed to more than one reason. Some believe that...

fish finder basics

Fish Finder Basics [101]

All anglers, professional or amateur can identify with a fisherman’s most frustrating feeling – a long day out in the hot sun, casting your line everywhere but not getting so much as a peep from any fish...


What is a Portable Fish Finder?

If you have never used a fish finder before, then you may think that these are somewhat expensive devices. While they can get a bit pricey if you choose from the higher end of any of the major brands, the truth is that...

Mounting a Transducer

Mounting a Transducer

Without a transducer, your fishfinder is useless as it is the transducer that sends the signal through the water to receive the pictures on the fishfinder screen. Equally important is mounting the transducer correctly...

humminbird side imaging

Humminbird Side Imaging Technology

Let’s examine the expensive and, judging by the configuration, top-rated models of the fishfinders on the market. What does allow us to take a good look at the objects under the water with incredible detailing up to now...