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Fishfinder Transducers

Fishfinder Transducers

What is a Transducer? A transducer is a device that converts an electrical energy signal into an acoustic sound signal which then sends this signal to a target and then receives it back again. It works similar to a...

What Exactly is a Fish Finder

What Exactly is a Fish Finder ?

I get so many people to ask me what is a Fishfinder, and how do they actually work? Hopefully, this will clear up some of that mystery for you. Did you know that 90% of fish will live in only 5% of the water? It makes...

Humminbird Fish Finders Rock

Humminbird Fish Finders Rock

Humminbird Fish Finders providing you the wide range of VHF radios, it offers you a great choices. Like VHF 255s and VHF 255sw there are fixed mount radios and the VHF55s, the VHF55sc, and the VHF55s-Plus are the...

How Eagle Fish Finders Work

Nothing is more frustrating to a fisherman than spending a day on the water without even a nibble. With all of the technological advances that society enjoys these days, it is no surprise that technology has also come...