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furuno gp1870f

Furuno GP1870F Fish Finder Review

If you’re looking for the finest all-in-one color LCD unit available, set a course for your nearest Furuno dealer. The fully integrated Furuno gp1870f GPS / Chart Plotter / Fish Finder is here! Compact, waterproof...

furuno fcv 295

Furuno FCV 295 Fish Finder Review

It is easy to see a body of water and automatically think that one piece of equipment can handle all of your fishing needs. But the reality is that with different types of water terrain and fish, your fishing equipment...

Furuno FCV 587

Furuno FCV 587 Fish Finder Review

The Furuno FCV 587 now has the ability to acquire fish size and acquire fish size and bottom structure bottom structure under your boat! The FCV 587 is a dual frequency (50 kHz and 200 kHz) Color LCD Sounder featuring...