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Humminbird Ice 45 Review

Humminbird Ice 45 Review

The Humminbird Ice 45 model uses a 3-color fiber optic flasher that comes with a center dial LCD display and is designed primarily to achieve peak performance in temperatures that are as cold as -20 degrees. At the same...

Humminbird Ice 55

Humminbird Ice 55 Review

The Ice 55 from Humminbird is considered the long-awaited model in the ice fishing world. The moment it was introduced, it easily grabbed the attention of everybody who loves to fish on hard water because of its...

hummingbird 678c hd di review

Humminbird 678c HD DI

If you are in the market for a sleek yet unobtrusive fish finder that has the extra bells and whistles of bigger and more expensive models, then this new entry from Humminbird’s 600 renowned series has got you covered...

Humminbird 587CI HD DI Combo Fishfinder

Humminbird 587ci HD DI

The Humminbird 587CI HD DI Combo gives anglers a double the bang for their buck with a fishfinder and GPS in one easy to use the device. The integrated 50-channel GPS receiver can track a plethora of routes, channels...