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Best Fishing Reels { Ultimate Guide and Reviews } 2019 🎣

People do all kinds of things to relax and enjoy themselves. I say to each it’s own. But if you’re looking to truly relax and have fun at the same time, nothing can beat fishing. Maybe you’ve never been fishing before or maybe you’ve been once or twice and are remembering how good of time you had. You may even be a seasoned veteran of this favorite pastime. In either case, you can learn a thing or two about the little nuances of fishing here; especially about choosing the best reel for the type of fishing you plan to do.

“The best fishing reel” you say. “Why is that so important?” Ever heard the old fisherman’s story of the fish that got away? Some of that is folklore, but some of those fish got away because the wrong equipment was used. So read this guide carefully as it may help you in your efforts in landing that big catch someday.

Best Cat fishing Reel

Abu Garcia C3 Cat fish Special Round Reels

Abu Garcia C3 Catfish Special
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We would like to give you some information on the Abu Garcia C3 Catfish Special Round Reels. The C3 special round is one of the best cat fishing reels on the market today.

The C3 comes in two different reels the 6500 and the 7000. Furthermore, the C3 is also called the Ambassador.

The Abu Garcia C3 Special round weighs 14.4 pounds. Therefore, the angler is not straining to hold the rod and reel. The reel is lightweight so the angler does not have to change hands frequently.

The Abu Garcia C3 comes in a bright yellow color.

More of the special features included in the Abu Garcia C3 are things like stainless steel bearings. The C3 features 3 bearing in the 6500 and 2 bearings in the 7000 reels. The bearings make for smooth casting as well as for reeling in the line.

The drag system is made of carbon matrix. Therefore, the drag maintains a smooth steady force while the fish takes the bait and until it is reeled in.

The handle is designed to provide maximum power while reeling in the fish and or the line. However, the handle is on the right side of the reel. So anyone who is left-handed may wish to inquire about changing the handle position. Some reels actually can be used by either right or left-handed users.

The C3 also has a unique breaking system. The breaking system is called a centrifugal system. The system is made with and has six pins inside the reel for continuous pressure during casting the reel.

The C3 has a thumb rest on the top of the reel. This is simply to have a place to rest your thumb while casting and reeling back in. Unlike the past where the angler had to rely on the thumb for breaking and stopping the casting. The C3 makes casting almost effortless.

The Abu Garcia C3 Catfish Special round 6500 and 7000 have both been given a 5 out of 5 rating by the anglers who have tried the reels. Furthermore, the anglers have deemed the reel the best cat fishing reels of this time. The reels are also rated 5 in durability. As almost all of the Abu Garcia Line is built to last a lifetime. The reels can be used every day if needed and still hold up. The value in price is another factor about the reels. The price is reasonable for the excellent style and features of this reel. As well as the reels are rated 5 out of 5 star for quality. Quality is the most important feature of this reel. Abu Garcia stands behind each one of their reels and rods. The C3 is the best design and quality an angler can buy and use repeatedly without worry of the reel failing. Again making the reels the best cat fishing reels on the market. It is very easy to see why more and more anglers are using this particular reel and loving the catfish they pull in with the C3. Therefore, if anyone were in need of an excellent fishing reel then check out the Abu Garcia.

Best Electric Fishing Reel

Daiwa TANACOM 750 Electric Fishing Reels

daiwa tanacom 750 fishing electric reel
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Going fishing can be fun. A fishing reel that you take for your adventure determines how you spend the day at the shore. You need to be knowledgeable about the reel that you choose to avoid frustration. An electric fishing reel is the best for an amateur. Daiwa TANACOM 750 is a good example of an electric fishing reel. Are you planning to buy a fishing reel? Here is a review of one of the best electric fishing reels that will meet your needs in the deep waters.

What are some of the factors to consider when buying an electric fishing reel?

You should consider the type of water that you are going into or the fish species that you are targeting. Some reels do well in all types of water whereas some do not.

If you already have a rod, then you must be able to pick a reel that matches with the weight of your rod. Fishing reels and rods have weight classes, picking the right ones will give you the best experience.

Daiwa TANACOM 750 Features

  • It has a new LCD that reads in English.
  • Its features for stopping and jogging are automatic.
  • It has depth memory and line counter.
  • Has a sealed drag system.
  • It has a 12-volt system with four bearing system.

Daiwa TANACOM 750 Pros

  • The LCD display reads in English hence making it easy to use and program.
  • It has a sealed electronic package, which does not allow water to enter into it. The motor also helps the user to jig back or retrieve the rig.
  • The stainless steel line guide makes the line to last longer.
  • The 12V input can accommodate up to 16.8V power input hence giving it the power to bring up heavy sinkers. It can also use the power from the boat if its battery is not strong enough.
  • You do not need to waste time wiping; it is a washable design allows you to clean it faster by just washing.
  • It is ideal for deep-water fishing due to its power that enables the user to bring up weight from as deep as 600 feet.

How it works

Daiwa TANACOM750 Dendoh Fishing Reel is easy to operate, connect it to a source of power then lure it to the water surface. Press reset button until it zeros the display, the reel will measure the line let out automatically. Set the power lever in a rewind position, this way your reel will stop automatically on lure reaching the surface. That way you are ready to fish.

Fishing reels are the best for someone who is looking forward to having fun or is going for a fishing competition. Check if that electric reel has all the features that you are looking for before buying it. Daiwa TANACOM750 Dendoh fishing reel that is available in black is one of the best electric fishing reels on the market; it is easy to use and effective. An electric fishing reel is not likely to fail the user because it can use the power from the boat when its battery drains.

Best Ice Fishing Reel

Fiblink inline ice fishing reel

Fiblink Inline Ice Fishing Reel
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Fiblink is among the best fishing gear manufacturer, and their products perform extremely well in ice fishing. An angler needs the best reel for the unforgettable experience when fishing. You don’t need an ice fishing reel that will fail you when at the peak of your adventure. Most anglers prefer checking for the products online before settling on a particular one, and fishing reels are not exceptional. Ice fishing is not a fishing activity like any other, it needs superb equipment. Here is a detailed review of Fiblink inline ice fishing reel.

Fiblink inline ice fishing reel Features

Features are what make this product unique and efficient. Here are the top five unique features of this super ice fishing reel.

  • It has one roller bearing, four stainless steel bearings, and a one-way clutch.
  • It is designed in ultra lightweight for super smooth performance.
  • It has smooth but reliable drag system.
  • It has a large line capacity in a CNC machined aluminum pool. It has soft touch EVA knob.

Fiblink inline ice fishing reel Pros

It is available in both right-handed and left-handed, this makes operation possible for ice fishers who are either left or right-handed. It is also easy to use with all systems adjustable to suit the needs of the user.

If you are looking for the best ice fishing reels, then here you got one that will give you the value of your money. You are sure that the reel will last long because of the materials that it is made of, brass for gears, stainless for the shaft, and aluminum star drag for the handle.

It has a lightweight design which makes ice fishing easy; the body is not so active when in ice and therefore a fisherman needs a fishing reel that won’t bother him with unnecessary weight.

The smooth drag system is ideal for starters who are trying to find their way in the ice fishing world. It also ensures that it don’t fail while in use.

It works well with both types of rods, that is the light and heavy ones and doesn’t twist the line.

The soft knobs are comfortable to hold even when one is wearing gloves, it maintains the grip, and you are sure that you won’t miss the hold.

The 2:7:1 gear ratio is strong enough to lift a big catch without doubt of losing it due to its weight.

The other great feature that fishers can’t wait to enjoy is the instant anti-reverse feature. A fisherman doesn’t need to check the reel frequently. Chances of line breaking are also minimal because of the button that operates free spool release. You can as well turn the reel off to allow for a free line flow.

Final Thought

Ice fishing is more fun than all other fishing that you can imagine. You need to have the Fiblink Inline Ice Fishing Reel to make it happen. Fiblink fishing reel is both left and right-handed; a feature that makes it user-friendly compared to other ice fishing reels. It is affordable and ideal for both professional and amateur ice fishers. You can go ahead and grab one for yourself and get the first-hand experience with the Best Ice Fishing Reels.

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Best Baitcasting Reel

KastKing Royale Legend Baitcasting Fishing Reel

KastKing Royale Legend Baitcasting Fishing Reel
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One of the best fishing reels currently on the market is definitely the KastKing Royale Legend Baitcasting Fishing Reel. This reel’s company has been in the business for many years and continues to innovate annual. Some even believe the company innovates daily because of the great creative team they have. The reel they have designed for a fairly affordable price tag is available online for all customers. If you are a new or existing customer you will still have great service and purchasing experience for this reel.

High Quality

Finding the best quality reel currently on sale can be a very hard task to accomplish. The good thing about a high-quality reel is that it won’t let you down in the battle. Fish can easily break reels that are undersized or the user can break it by accident. Being very durable, the reel has a very good percentage of successful catches. It comes with state of the art dual brakes which is not normally seen in reels across the world. This new technology is what sets this reel apart from many others. It comes in two color tones of mostly black with hints of red trim. It comes with an amazing 17.5 lb drag which isn’t easily accomplished with reels of this caliber. You may want to purchase this amazing reel while these deals still last. With the over demand for reels during the fishing season, most companies will increase their prices for higher profits. However, Kastking Royale does better. They look out for their customers as they provide the best reels for a very affordable price with high customer satisfaction.

Customer Service

The best baitcasting fishing reel is not only sold with high quality but also with high customer service. Having a great customer service team in your arsenal for a product is very important. When the customer wishes to view or know information about the KastKing Royale Legend Baitcasting Fishing Reel they can easily find it online. When the in-store purchase is more than the online purchase it is wise to buy online. This reel is definitely among the best that can be purchased.


Affordability in a baitcast reel is paramount. When the price was seen at under $150 many customers thought the pricing was a mistake. Once realizing this is the real price and without a sale or discount price, customers have been buying this fantastic reel for a long time now. Being both affordable and durable isn’t an easy task to accomplish in the fishing reel business. However the KastKing Royale Legend Baitcasting Fishing Reel is easily one of the best that has ever been made.

Best Spinning Reel

Kastking Sharky II

Kastking Sharky II
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Fishing can be lots of fun if you have the right tools to do it. One of the crucial tools for an angler is a reel. You need a good reel to make your day fantastic at the riverbanks. Lack of proper fishing gear can make your day miserable and tasteless. You need a good reel, and one of the best spinning reels is the Kastking Sharky II carbon fiber spinning reel. This article has details of this particular reel.

The following are main factors to consider when buying a spinning reel

Type of water you intend to go fishing in: the water can either be saltwater or freshwater. If you plan to fish in saltwater, then have a reel that is stainless steel to avoid possible corrosion. Stainless steel product works best in both types of water.

The targeted fish species: A spinning reel can either limit you or work to your advantage. Strong and lightweight spinning reel with more line capacity is ideal for catching big fish and at a long distance. Fish species also vary depending on the type of water.


Powerful: The power in this reel is just incredible; its CNC machined aluminum pool has the power you need to catch fish from a far distance. The main shaft is made of stainless steel and it is stronger to give you more fishing power.

It is smooth: You will like the experience from the MaxiDur ball bearings that are corrosion resistant; they do not lock while the reel is in use. The stronger precision brass gears, main shaft made of stainless steel, and reinforced body is a nice combination to give you a silent, smooth performance.

Weight, the Kastking Sharky II is lightweight and strong. The weight making it very reliable and an angler can use it for an extended period.

It has ten ball bearings to ensure smooth spinning and excellent performance. The more line capacity will also give you the best experience while on your fishing adventure.

Kastking Sharky II Pros

The Kastking Sharky II carbon fiber spinning reel, which is one of the best spinning reels, has all the features that you need in a spinning reel. Its price is affordable and friendly compared to its features. It is durable and strong, lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and it is powerful. It can be used in both freshwater fishing and saltwater fishing and can bear the weight of the big fish found in salty water.

You need a good spinning reel that will meet your needs when out fishing. You do not need a bulky and heavy reel that will bring you down with weight. Fishing for fun needs that you adequately prepare with the right gear, remember you are going out to have fun; the fishing reel should be a big part of that fun. Know the type of water and fish that you are targeting; this will help you to buy the right reel. The incredible features of this spinning reel leave you with only one option; to grab one for yourself.

Best Bass Fishing Reel

Piscifun Mate Bass Fishing Reel

Piscifun Mate Bass Fishing Reel
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Piscifun Mate 7.1:1 reel is made from high grade aluminum with NMB Ball bearings. This reel is perfect for all saltwater fishing purposes. Salt water can cause corrosion and decay over a period of time. However, the Piscifun High Speed 7.1:1 bass fishing reel is constructed so well that salt water and the outdoor elements have very little effect on this extraordinary reel.

The Piscifun Mate reel has an exterior made from high strength aluminum alloy. In addition, the reel also has a lightweight aluminum spool as well as a premium carbon fiber washer. The main gear of the reel is made from sturdy brass. The Eva knob on the outer part of the reel is used for reeling in your catch of the day.

The Piscifun Mate holds a great deal more line which makes it perfect for large and heavier fish. All bearings on the reel are made from 100% stainless steel. In addition, the reel weighs approximately 8.40 ounces with a bearing count of 8+1.

The built-in magnetic breaking system makes this reel one of a kind. The graphite aircraft side plates provide extra protection from any scratches or related damage. If you are seeking high performance, superior quality and low profile design then the Piscifun High Speed 7:1:1 bass fishing reel is for you.

One very attractive feature of the Piscifun 7:1:1 is the attractive price. This reel is priced considerably lower than other competitors. Therefore, you are receiving top quality merchandise at a fraction of the cost. This model reel has a built in anti reverse feature and extended bent handle. The extended bent handle is an important feature due to the fact that it allows increased cranking power.

Piscifun Extraordinary Features

The Piscifun High Speed 7:1:1 reel is specifically designed for the picky fisherman. Picky fisherman enjoy quality fishing gear that provides flexibility and extended motion control. Motion control is critically important especially for a professional fisherman.

This model reel is considered one of the best bass fishing reels currently on the market. Therefore, if you are specifically seeking to catch large bass then the Piscifun 7:1:1 will certainly help you achieve your goals on the high seas.

Owning one of the best bass fishing reels on the market is something one should be proud of. It may not make the bass very happy for obvious reasons but the bass fisherman will most certainly find much satisfaction in simply owning this unique and useful fishing reel.

The Piscifun 7:1:1 can be easily purchased on line. In addition, you can have this item delivered directly to your home shortly after placing the order. It is best to compare on line prices before you make your final purchase.

Best Fly Fishing Reel

Piscifun Sword Fly Fishing Reel

Piscifun Sword Fly Fishing Reel
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Piscifun Sword Fly Fishing Reel is made from high grade tempered aluminum. This unique fishing reel will resist any scratches or abrasions. In addition, the Piscifun Sword Fly Fishing Reel offers super easy conversion from right hand to left hand. Being able to switch a reel from right to left with no delay or interference is very important.

This fishing reel is created with a split type spring which will prevent the bearing from working its way loose or popping out. In addition, this reel is light weight and easy to carry. The majority of fly fishing reels are a great deal heavier than the Piscifun Sword Fly Fishing Reel.

The fishing reel has a unique movement which allows flexibility and precision. In addition, a reversible reel click and reel bag gives you what you need at your fingertips. This quality fly reel is easy to operate and it is far less costly in comparison with other fly reels currently on the market.

The Piscifun Sword Fishing Reel is designed to reduce line memory and offers super quick line pick up. This fishing reel comes in three attractive colors green, black and gold. This particular sword fly fishing reel is at least 3x stronger than other quality die cast reels. The strength that this reel provides is remarkable. Strength is a definite factor when choosing a fishing reel.

There are some fairly large fish out there. Large fish naturally can weigh a significant amount. This is why strength is so very important. You certainly do not want a reel that is going to bend and possibly break while attempting to reel in a sizable fish.

The Sword Fly Fishing Reel package includes 1- fly fishing reel, 1 drawstring protection bag and schematic paper. Additional drawstring protection bags can be ordered at any time. It would be helpful to have extra drawstring bags available just in case you need extra. Additional Schematic paper can also be ordered to have on hand.

Some of the best fly fishing reels can be easily ordered on line and delivered directly to your front door. This high quality reel is an excellent value and can be easily purchased for under $65.00. The reasonable price of the Sword Fly Fishing Reel is what makes it such an attractive instrument. In addition, the reel is so very easy to clean, store and maintain. This prized possession can be stored quite easily in any tool shed, garage or storage space.

You will find complete description of the Piscifun Fishing reel online. This is one of the best fly fishing reels that one could ever own. It may also be beneficial to do some price comparisons prior to making your purchase. You may be very surprised on the super deals you can receive on this product.

Best Freshwater Fishing Reel

Over the years, some of us have taken up fishing as a hobby for various reasons. When it comes to fishing, some of us look at the sport as a hobby while the rest view it as a professional sport to that we can take part in. Also, when it comes to fishing, many of us will try to survive off the land, and we ensure that the main source of food is fish. As we could fit in either of these groups, it is imperative that we learn the essence of a good fishing rod. Let us take a look the Best Freshwater Fishing Reels.

What is a spinning reel?

As fishermen, we should be accustomed to the fishing rod because we will need it if we want to catch fish. A spinning reel is part of the fishing rod. It is the spinning part of the rod and we will use it to reel in our lines. When our line is cast, our fishing lines cover the reel and spreads out. The spinning reel has a handle. If we move the handle in the right direction, the line will be pulled back in the direction of the rod. We will need to try our best and choose the right spinning reel for our particular budget and situation. With spinning reels, the majority of us will concur that it is much simpler for us to toss and hit our desired distance. Unfortunately, the main disadvantage of spinning reels is that they are inclined to line twist. We will have a look at Plusinno HongYing Series Fishing Reels.

About Plusinno HongYing Series Fishing Reels.

The Plusinno Series Fishing Reels is one of the best spinning reels that we have. For most of us who are fishing enthusiasts and interested in catching small to medium sized fish, then Plusinno is the ideal fishing reel to use. It will ensure that we catch fish such as salmon, crappies, bluegills, perch, walleyes, and trout.

Types of Plusinno HongYing fishing reels

The Plusinno Company has manufactured different kinds of fishing reels to suit our taste and needs. Below is a list of Plusinno fishing reels:

Plusinno Fishing Reels Spinning Freshwater Saltwater with 5:2:1 (HA3000)

Plusinno Fishing Reels Spinning Freshwater Saltwater HA 3000
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It is one of the Best Freshwater Fishing Reels manufactured by Plusinno. It is made of anti-corrosive metal. It has been well-built. Under this fishing reel, we have an anti-reverse handle feature. It is available in two different colors. The product is lightweight. The dimension of HA3000 is 5.7 by 4.9 by 3.3.

Plusinno (HA 4000 REEL)

It has a one-line hole and comes in two different colors. It also has a computer balanced rotor, a power gear for high speed. We can use it for boat-mounting, pier fishing, shore fishing and offshore fishing. The box size of this product is 130mm/130mm/85mm.

Plusinno HA 4000 REEL
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Plusinno HongYing Series Fishing Reels is definitely among the best fishing reels that we have. Plusinno has developed fishing reels that we can use both in saltwater and freshwater. For lovers of fishing, we should try using Plusinno fishing reels. These fishing reels are perfect for fishing either as a hobby or a professional career. Try Plusinno series of fishing reels today!

Best Saltwater Fishing Reel

Shimano Twin Power XD spinning reels

Shimano Twin Power XD spinning reels
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Shimano Spinning reels are perfect for saltwater spinning. The reels come in a variety of styles and they are priced accordingly. For example, the Stella twin power XD is for the serious and devoted inshore saltwater fisher.

A Shimano spinning reel is designed for the real professional who knows how to tackle the high seas. A Shimano spinning reel can even improve the quality of your catch.

The Twin Power XD spinning reels offer extra protection as well as adequate resistance. This reel has extraordinary power and it is highly durable. The Shimano Twin Power XD is made to handle just about any outdoor weather condition. In addition, the reel has a 24-pound drag power range. Power range is critically important especially for the very seasoned fisherman.

Another very popular fishing reel is the Sustain FG.

Shimano Sustain FG fishing reel

The Shimano Sustain FG fishing reel has a clean, sharp deep black finish which makes the reel attractive to the eye. In addition, the Sustain FG is extremely lightweight and very powerful. The reel stand helps prevent damage. This model has a special line management installed which will significantly improve overall casting performance and efficiency.

shimano sustain fg spinning reel
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The Shimano Sustain FG has a built-in wrap system which guarantees the unique winding shape. One of the key features of this reel is the C-14+ rotor. The Sustain FG is constructed with 8 sturdy ball bearings.

Shimano Stella SW fishing reel

shimano stella sw saltwater spinning reel
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The Stella SW is constructed with a total of 15 bearings. This reel is made from sturdy aluminum which will endure just about anything without a scratch. This reel will take anglers and professional fisherman to an entirely new level.

Shimano Saragosa SW fishing reel

The Saragosa SW is another exceptional reel creation by Shimano. The Saragosa has waterproof drag as well as a well-constructed line management system. In addition, this reel has 44 pounds of drag which should literally stop any arrogant fish or large sea creature with little effort. The well-constructed reel is equipped to handle any salt water condition.

Shimano Saragosa SW fishing reel
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Shimano designs saltwater reels and other fishing equipment for the serious saltwater fisher. All the saltwater reels by Saragosa have unbelievable strength and exceptional durability. You will feel very confident fighting the largest fish as long as you have Saragosa reels and equipment.

Shimano offers a variety of reels, saltwater reels and related equipment. Saltwater reels should be chosen according to the persons needs and long-term ambitions. The best saltwater fishing reels are priced accordingly and can be easily purchased online from a variety of retailers.

Shimano strives to maintain their reputation and fine fishing equipment and related products. In addition, Shimano also looks for new ways to improve the national environment. Finally, Shimano positively promotes safe fishing techniques as well as cycling. Shimano offers some of the very best saltwater fishing reels.

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Best Fishing Reel for the Money

Fishing in style is the best way to spend your day out. Not all fishing reels will give you that stylish touch whenever you go out fishing. A few reels are designed to impress the fishermen right from the seller, and Piscifun steel feeling spinning fishing reel is one of them. It got an award for emerging in the top in the best product category in 24th CHINA FISH. Fishers have a good reason to find out what exactly is so unique about this product. Here is a review to point out what is making it one of the best fishing reels for the money.

Piscifun Steel Feeling Spinning Fishing Reel
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Unique Features

  • It has 12 stainless steel bearings, one roller bearing both mounted in a handle and stainless steel solid wire frame.
  • Crank EVA knob and a super quality aluminum anodized spool.
  • A computer balanced rotor and a super quality carbon fiber drag material.
  • It has a pinion gear that is double supported.
  • It operates on a stainless steel main shaft and a hardened 415-C alloy drive together with oscillation gear.

Reasons why it is the best

Here is a product with a cute design and excellent performance. Its advantages overshadow the disadvantages. Take a look at some of the reasons why it remains at the top of the list.

The stainless steel and aluminum alloy makes it look totally unique that you may not want to miss out on owning one yourself. The power transmission is much better with the stainless steel handle. You wouldn’t want to miss the experience that comes with using this fishing reel over and over again without going back to the shop; the stainless steel bearings provide increased corrosion protection and at the same time giving a consistently smooth performance.

Oscillation gear and hardened 415-C alloy drive offer the best strength that you need to catch the tough fish. You are assured that it will not break under the weight of the heavy fish.

The double bearing support also ensures that the shaft is not misaligned which can lead to it losing power when carrying a heavy load.

Pick your favorite color, either black or blue; it all depends on your taste. Piscifun steel feeling spinning fishing reel is also available in two different sizes; the SF 20 and the SF 40. Its features match the best fishing reels for the money and indeed, it will give you the value of your money.

When you compare the price of this fishing reel with others in the market, you will realize that it has the best price but with excellent features.

Piscifun steel feeling spinning fishing reel is a super smooth and light fishing reel suitable for those who want to fish in style. It is well-balanced and easily adjustable to fit the demands of the user. Many fishers avoid some fishing reels because they quickly corrode; this particular reel is made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel which cannot corrode making it last longer than other fishing reels. This is the best fishing reel if you are looking forward to getting the most value for your money.


I hope this guide has given you some insight into choosing the best fishing reel for the job. So the next time you buy or are given a fishing rod you’ll be well informed as to how to pick out the ideal reel to catch whatever fish you’re after.