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furuno fcv 295

Furuno FCV 295 Fish Finder Review

It is easy to see a body of water and automatically think that one piece of equipment can handle all of your fishing needs. But the reality is that with different types of water terrain and fish, your fishing equipment has to change as well. Fishing in a pond or a lake versus the ocean is a big change. Traditional fish finders just simply cannot cut it. You need a fish finder that can do the job correctly. That means looking at the Furuno FCV 295 10.4″ Fish Finder.

Furuno FCV 295 Features

furuno fcv 295 review
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The Furuno FCV 295 is not designed for the hobbyist. It is the type of fish finder used by professionals, such as those who fish for a living and are hunting down huge schools of cod, or it can mean the professionals who enter tournaments continuously to win prizes and cash. The capabilities of the Furuno are amazing. You could easily compare this fish finder’s capabilities to that of an animal that uses echolocation to find its prey. It is that advanced.

The 10.4″ color screen on the Furuno allows you to see it in daylight, which is very important. Cheaper fish finders are often unreadable when the light is shining directly on the screen. You do not have to worry about that with this model. It can also locate fish and respond back with the echo so you know the exact size of the fish and how large the school of fish is. That is extremely advantageous for professional fisherman looking to fill their tanks with a plentiful catch. The Furuno Radar also gives you the ability to vary your frequency between 28 and 200 kHz. You can also customize the colors of the echoes so you can differentiate between the different objects or animals that it picks up.


Furuno FCV 295 comes with 10.4″ LCD display, display cover, mounting bracket, flush mount kit, cleaning cloth, manuals, and a Two-Year Warranty.
Unit Size: 11.2”H x 12.2”W x 5”D
Display Size: 10.4” Diag.
Weight: 15.4 lbs

Special Features

  • Dual Frequency, 1kw, 2kw or 3kw Sounder.
  • Post-Processing Gain Control allows the user to adjust the contrast on targets that have already been detected.
  • 10.4” High-Resolution LCD Display.
  • New White Edge feature improves definition between the bottom and fish.
furuno fcv 295 review
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The Furuno FCV 295 Fish Finder is not for everyone. It is a very expensive fish finder to own. This is not feasible for the person fishing in a stream or lake. This is meant for serious professionals. So if you are just fishing as a way to pass the time or for a hobby, then there are much cheaper fishfinders on the market that will do a good job for your particular needs.