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furuno gp1870f

Furuno GP1870F Fish Finder Review

If you’re looking for the finest all-in-one color LCD unit available, set a course for your nearest Furuno dealer. The fully integrated Furuno gp1870f GPS / Chart Plotter / Fish Finder is here! Compact, waterproof and durable, this unit delivers highly accurate data and crystal-clear pictures on its 7″ wide format, color bonded LCD screen. The GP1870F incorporates the best of Furuno’s legendary line of Chart Plotters and adds a whole new set of user-friendly features.

The Furuno gp1870f features an internal antenna for ease of installation. It’s dual-range display allows you to view both short and long ranges of your chart simultaneously in a split-screen presentation. Furuno’s RotoKey interface allows for simple and stress-free operation. Turn the RotoKey for a finely stepped zoom control, or press the knob for full access to the Furuno gp1870f controls. The LCD screen allows for viewing from virtually any angle, even while wearing polarized sunglasses, plus the screen is bonded to ensure fogging-free operation.

Furuno GP1870F
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Furuno GP1870f Spec

Wirelessly connect to your iOS devices

The GP1870/1870F connects to your iOS devices using the app “Jeppesen Marine Plan2Nav” over a wireless ad-hoc connnection5.

C-Weather information

C-Weather data can be downloaded from to the GP-1870/ 1870F. Wind, Wave, Weather, Humidity, Temperature and Visibility (fog) information can be displayed on screen

Bottom Discrimination feature

The GP-1670F/1870F Bottom Discrimination feature enables the sh nder to indicate if a major component of the bottom is mud, sand, gravel or rocks.

ACCU-FISHTM indenti es individual sh with size or depth indication and sh symbol

Individual sh size is culculated from echo strength. ACCU-FISHTM can detect the sh size of 10 of 199 cm, in the depth of 2 to 100 m.

Polarized Friendly – Clearly Remarkable

The GP-1870 series has an LCD screen that does not “black out” when wearing polarized sunglasses, providing clear visibility from virtualy any angle.


The RotoKeyTM has a two-fold function. Rotate the knob for a nely stepped zoom control. Push the knob to get full access to GP-1870/1870F controls.

Bonded LCD – Clear Readability

Our bonded LCDs offer a fog-free structural design. This ensures that the display will never be affected by water condensation, caused by an air gap between the LCD and the front cover plate.

Easy Replacement from legacy models

Optional bezel kit is available allowing for easy replacement from Furuno GP-1650, GP-1850 and GP-7000 series.

Dual Range Chart Display

In “Dual Range Chart Display” mode, the GP-1870/1870F displays dual charts, both long and short range, at the same time.

East-Routing function

The Easy-Routing Technology analyzes the high-quality C-MAP 4D data, works out the shortest route and then checks and displays hazards in each leg of the journey. Enter start and end points along with speci c boat parameters and automatically receive waypoints of the shortest route. The technology highlights potential hazards and displays varying levels of alerts for each segment of the route and allows you to manually adjust the route.

Built-in Fish Finder and selectable display modes

The Furuno gp1870f supports C-MAP 4D by Jeppesen charts. C-MAP 4D is a versatile, all-in-one charting solution that gives users of Furuno’s GP1870F specific content and features needed to optimize their time on the water. The C-MAP 4D charts provide cruisers and sailors with standard vector chart content plus dynamic raster chart presentations, 3D views, satellite images, exclusive Easy Routing and more. In addition, C-MAP 4D empowers the Furuno GP1870F with a range of additional detail, content and features developed especially for serious coastal and offshore fishermen.

The GP1870F incorporates a powerful 600W/1kW Furuno Fish Finder and introduces a host of new features. Post-Processing Gain Control allows you to view changes to the Gain setting immediately for all returns on the screen, making it easier than ever to dial in your Fish Finder for local conditions, while the White Line feature shows you fish lying on or near the bottom at a glance.

Furuno GP1870F
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Powerful Fish Finding tools including Bottom Discrimination & Accu-Fish

Whether fishing, diving, navigating or anchoring, knowing bottom type is a major advantage for virtually any boater. The advanced signal processing of the Furuno GP1870F Fish Finder provides a graphical display of the water column and objects in the water, in addition to showing the composition of the seafloor. When connected to an appropriate transducer, the Bottom Discrimination feature provides a graphical display showing the characteristics of the seafloor as either mud, sand, gravel or rock. Amazingly, it can also show a bottom type probability curve when boating in an area with mixed bottom composition.

The Accu-Fish feature is a revolutionary fish size assessment function that can tell you the approximate size of the fish below your boat. Fish symbols appear on the screen, along with the size of the fish or the depth where it found the fish. It can detect fish size from 4 inches up to about 6 feet long, in depths of 7 feet to well over 300 feet of water. Accu-Fish signal processing blends the high and low frequencies to depict fish targets of all types simply, clearly and distinctly. Now, fishermen can clearly and easily distinguish big billfish around a bait ball, or see through bait and trash fish on the surface to target “the big one” below.