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Garmin EchoMAP 54dv Fish Finder Review

As an angler, you want your fish finding device to possess all the finest features, in order to improve your catch quantity, right? Great! Now, with the sonar features implemented in many of these devices, you’re able to locate fish and determine their size in a less complicated manner. Well, that’s exactly what the Garmin echoMAP 54dv provides. These units usually come with transducers, which are vital in sonar scanning. However, there are some devices which come without and has to be bought separately.

Garmin echoMAP 54dv fish finder reviews

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Garmin 54dv Display and Weight

The Garmin 54dv has a really nice 5-inch color screen, which has keypad control with backlighting capability. Besides, it weighs a measly 1.3 pounds. This allows for great portability which most anglers would be very happy about.

Garmin 54dv Sonar Scanning

This user-friendly unit sports a GT23-TM transducer which allows for a merger between state-of-the-art Chirp Sonar and Downvü mechanisms, which works to bring sonar scanning of water of the greatest clarity. If you want to get images of areas around and beneath your watercraft in really high quality, the Chirp Downvü is called into action. Can you believe that this technology makes it possible to see up to 750 ft. below the water’s surface? How incredible! It also makes it possible for you to separate your game targets by employing just a standalone frequency. This feature is called Garmin HD-ID. This initiates the viewing of freshwater areas up to 2300 ft. below your boat at a frequency of 77kHz. This device would undoubtedly leave any fisherman speechless! However, you get to see 1100 ft. below, in saltwater. Well, it all depends on how cloudy the water is, and the condition.

Garmin 54dv GPS Navigation

If you’re scared of getting lost at sea, worry not! It’s integrated 5Hz GPS allows for quick tracking of location in the most efficient manner while displaying the movement of your craft on the Bluechart g2 maps that comes with it.

Preinstalled BlueChart g2 Maps

These maps include the coastal US areas in their entirety. These include areas such as the West and East Coast, the Gulf of Mexico and US & Canadian areas of the Great Lakes. With BlueChart g2, you’re able to morph smoothly between different levels of zoom, along with coherent progression across chart boundaries. In my view, these are really cool features. However, there are a lot more features to be reviewed so on we go!

Create Your Own Maps

Did you know that you can actually fabricate your own individualized maps and even store or share them? Yes! The unit has a preinstalled Quickdraw Contours feature which enables you to create your high-definition maps on your display by using a single-foot contour. Besides, you can customize them to your liking.

You may now be wondering where that information would be saved. But no worries, the Garmin 54dv has you covered! With just one microSD card outlet, you can expand memory for storing additional maps like LakeVü HD and BlueChart g2 Vision.


Many anglers sometimes think twice before entering certain territories. A reason for this may be that they are unfamiliar with that location, or maybe they’re just concerned about getting back home. Well, I’m here to let you know that with the Garmin’s Auto Guidance mechanism, you are provided with a hazard-free pathway to get to your destination. How this works it that the technology looks out for low bridges, waters that are shallow or any other impediments. An upgrade to 2.0 enables you to tag various locations that you’d like to travel through to reach your desired location. This allows for greater safety! You can also store these paths for future reference.

Multiple Depth Range Shading

Another cool feature is that you’re able to distinguish among different depth ranges by assigning colors to them. This allows for better view of game targets, that are at various depths.

EchoMAP 54dv Easy Portability

With the echoMAP 54dv, you can disconnect it very easily. It has no complex plugged or unplugged wires. Instead, they are plugged into the mount. Consequently, you can easily carry them along with you.

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The Garmin echoMap CHIRP 54dv Fish Finder is a really amazing device. The features of this unit are suitable for the angler who wants to achieve more fruitful catch and locate and view bottom structure. Don’t get lost while fishing. Instead, get the Garmin echoMAP 54dv with a transducer. I also recommend reading the best fish finders on the site.