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Garmin Waterproof FishFinder 300C Review

Garmin 300C Review

Garmin 300C: I finally found a fish finder that is set up to fish primarily in fresh water. I love fishing in lakes and this will fit my needs perfectly. I really like the Dual Beam transducer that is with this unit also. Great Fish finder for the anglers that fish primarily in freshwater lakes, although it can also be used in salt water the depth will only go to 600 ft. instead of the 1500 ft in fresh water.

The only problem with Garmin fish finders is it is very hard to get any information on them.

I spent hours all over the Internet compiling this info to make sure we had enough information so you could make an educated decision if this fish finder was something that would work for your kind of fishing.

Garmin Waterproof FishFinder 300C
Garmin Waterproof FishFinder 300C

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Garmin 300C Features

  • Power output: 150 watts (RMS) 1200 watts (peak to peak)
  • Auto Gain setting adjusts sonar sensitivity automatically
  • See-Thru technology shows weak and strong returns simultaneously
  • Round flasher display mode
  • Whiteline shows you how thick the bottom is
  • 2X and 4X automatic and manual zoom
  • Battery voltage indicator
  • Single NMEA-0183 output

Sonar Options

This unit comes with a High-Performance Sonar receiver


Dual beam transducer, which provides excellent coverage in shallow waters.

Included Equipment:

  • Quick-release tilt/swivel mount,
  • Power cable,
  • Transducer w/mounting bracket,
  • hardware and trolling motor clamp

Transom-mount transducer is included with a nice 1-year warranty.

Depth Capabilities

  • Depth 1500 Ft. if used in fresh water
  • Saltwater is reduced to 600Ft.


  • Display Size 3.5 inches
  • Don’t let this small viewing screen fool you, It’s very easy to read even in bright sunlight.
  • Super bright, high-resolution 3.5-inch QVGA color display
  • Resolution is 240×320
  • Frequency = 80 300-watt (RMS) sounder offers a viewing angle of up to 120 degrees and bottom detail to 1,500 feet/200
  • Because of the bright display, it shows just fine in direct sunlight


The menus are quick and very easy to control and the large buttons make it very easy to navigate, which is great for me as I don’t like wearing my glasses when I’m out fishing.

Frequency, Watts, Power, and Cables

  • Power output: 150 watts (RMS) 1200 watts (peak to peak)
  • Frequency = 80 300-watt (RMS) sounder offers a viewing angle of up to 120 degrees and bottom detail to 1,500 feet/200

Alarms and Alerts

This unit has alarms for just about everything including alarms for fish size, shallow water, deep water, battery voltage indicator, Also you have the ability to shut any or all of the alarms off if desired.

Mounting System

Transducer Type = Transom Mount


W4.5 H4.5 D2.4

In the Box

  • Garmin 300C Waterproof FishFinder
  • Transom/trolling mount transducer (dual beam)
  • 6 ft (1.83 m) power/data cable
  • Bail mounting bracket
  • Flush mount hardware
  • Quick start manual

Garmin 300C Pros & Cons

Garmin 300C Pros

  • After submerging the unit twice it still functions fine
  • Menu is quick and to the point, very easy to manage

Garmin 300C Cons

  • A lot of users were surprised at the small screen but with the bright display it shows up great even in direct sunlight

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Most users if not all said this was an excellent unit and fit their fishing perfectly as most were wanting a fish finder to fish mainly in lakes and fresh water.