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Hobie Pro Angler 14

Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 14 Kayak Review

Standing or seated, the Mirage Pro will keep you stable and in position for the moment you feel the fish bite. The kit includes a H-Rail for rod mounts and all of your electronic devices. The platform is 14-feet long and uses the MirageDrive – Glide Technology which  is efficient, keeps your hands free and is extremely quiet so it doesn’t scare the fish away.

Hobie Pro Angler
Hobie Pro Angler
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Hobie Pro Angler 14 Features

  1. Carry handle
  2. Storage compartment for ice / caught fish.
  3. Rod storage compartment.
  4. Accessory mount (Sonar, GPS..etc)
  5. Mounting boards for fish finders, H-Rail, rod mounts and other devices.
  6. Mirage Drive with ST Turbo Fins
  7. Floor mats
  8. Large enclosed Tackle Management System.
  9. H-Rail device mounting system.
  10. H-Trail device mounting system.
  11. Mesh expanding storage pocket
  12. Vantage ST Seat, lightweight with lumbar support.
  13. Rudder control for steering.
  14. Cup/Beer holders
  15. Rod holder (good for trolling)
  16. Rear cargo hold with stretchable straps to keep things secure.
  17. 8″ storage hatch (for things you don’t need ready access to)
  18. Access to the rudder area
  19. Carry handle

What kind of Accessories does it support?

I think I’d save some time by mentioning what it doesn’t support, because the Mirage can support basically anything you want to attach to it. There are mounting plates, bars, knobs, buckets and even cup holders. Here are just a few of the attachments you can get for the H-Rail system including:

Here’s a great overview of the Pro Angler 14 by, Kayak Angler and Tournament winner, Rob Wendel.

The MirageDrive is definitely one of the best features of the Mirage Pro. This propulsion system provides a quiet smooth human powered motor that keeps the boat straight while freeing up your hands for fishing. With multiple rod holders, you’ll can really keep yourself busy this this kayak. Not having to hold on to a paddle is a huge win. Here’s what the MirageDrive looks like up close. Click on the photo to get an even closer look at the ST Turbo Fins.

Is it comfortable sitting on the Mirage for hours?

As if this MirageDrive and H-Rail didn’t already make this kayak a top winner, the seating really takes it to the next level. The “Vantage Seat” has a fully adjustable seat back with lumbar support and the whole thing collapses and makes room for stand-up kayaking. I’m pretty sure this seat is more comfortable and more adjustable than my office and beach chairs. Maybe it’s time to move the office onto the lake!

This video by Hobie goes over all the details on the Vantage Seat. I think you’ll agree that it’s a pretty sweet setup:

What’s new?

This year the Mirage Pro Angler 14 has been built with mounts and pre-installed cable hull plugs for the popular Lowrance fish finder systems. Nice to know that you can basically just plug and play, not have to worry about drilling holes in your hull and turning your kayak into an anchor.

Also the Pad Eye has been replaced with a replaceable PadEye XL

For those of you who like to use the wind to get where you’re going, you can also purchase a sail kit for this kayak. I’ve also seen standing support bars that you can hold onto or lean on when you’ve got something tugging your line.

Hobie Pro Angler
Hobie Pro Angler
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How does the Mirage compare to other fishing kayaks?

The difference between this kayak and other fishing kayaks is pretty clear. Initially you’ll see it’s overall larger than a typical kayak and that could be a turnoff for someone looking for a quick and easy boat to throw in the water and get fishing.

But the details really separate them.

Let’s compare it to the well rated Sun Dolphin. The Dolphin is an excellent basic fishing kayak, as we reviewed it here, but it lacks the build detail, the huge cooler storage and options for accessories. Also, the Dolphin it doesn’t have the MirageDrive which means you’ve got to manage that kayak paddle while fishing.

Hint: Let’s hope that Sea Dolphin paddle floats when you hook a bruiser 😉

The Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 14 is really top notch and Hobie as a company is solid. I love the detail they put into all of their boats. I look forward to seeing what they come up with in the future and I can’t wait to get back out in the Mirage. Fortunately, any new accessories they come up with are likely to be compatible with existing boats for years to come.