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Humminbird 1198c

Humminbird 1198c Review

This review of the Humminbird 1198c Sonar/GPS with HD Down and Side Imaging goes into details about the most complete fishing finding machine you can own for your boat. Humminbird has come out with the 1198c as it’s top model to give fisherman, like you, the features you are looking for. Scroll down to learn about many of the key aspects of the Humminbird 1198c that will help you spend your most productive time on the water.

Humminbird 1198c
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Humminbird 1198c Features

  • A newer, faster microprocessor for increased refresh times
  • A huge 10.4”, 4:3, 600 x 800 pixel, 256-color LCD screen (over 2 inches larger than the Humminbird 998c)
  • Sonar Coverage: 20/60/180 degrees
  • Peak-to-peak power output: 8,000 watts
  • Speed/temperature
  • Navionics & Lakemaster compatible
  • High-definition Side Imaging, scanning up to  240 feet on each side and 150 feet deep
  • High-definition Down Imaging
  • SwitchFire downlooking sonar to 1500 feet
  • 50-channel external GPS+WAAS with chartplotting
  • Dual SD Card Slot
  • Ethernet port shares sonar and GPS data between
    two units

Humminbird 1198c Side Imaging

The Humminbird 1198c’s Side Imaging is so large and in such detail, that it is truly one of the greatest achievements in fishing technology-right along with the combo GPS/sonar. Humminbird developed Side Imaging in the mid-2000s and captured what many fisherman had always wanted: a picture of what’s under the surface of the water. With the Side Imaging on your Humminbird 1198c, your fish finder can show amazing detail of the bottom of the lake up to 240’ wide, to both the left and right sides of the boat. Side Imaging with also show to a depth of 150 feet. One of the best features of owning the Humminbird 1198c Fish Finder is to get a clear view of what’s actually down there. You can even recognize fish within the structure! Cruise around your favorite fishing holes and really learn what’s down there. The 1198c will really impress you with it’s ease of viewing.

Humminbird 1198c Down Imaging

If you thought Side Imaging on the Humminbird 1198c was cool, Down Imaging will give you a clear image below the boat. Down Imaging creates “snapshots” while emitting super thin slices of high-frequency sound waves. This gives you the ability to see the structure with a side view, even though you are going over the top of it. If you turn on Narrow Mode, it analyzes the returns to verify the position of the echoes to ensure Down Imaging only shows you structure and activity beneath you, and not off to one side or another. The size of the screen on the Humminbird 1198c gives you the best Humminbird can offer, showing the greatest details.

Humminbird 1198c Switchfire Sonar

Of all the amazing aspects of the Humminbird 1198c fish finder, SwitchFire sonar helps give Hummingbird is great reputation. SwitchFire sonar modes let you adjust the view on the screen to the fishing conditions. You have two modes to choose from. Max Mode and Clear Mode.

1198c Max Mode

In Max Mode, sonar returns really come to life from the screen, in amazing detail. You’ll see the tiniest subsurface object (even thermoclines and water currents) for complete underwater coverage. Since Max Mode returns so much information on the screen, it may be difficult for an unexperienced user to interpret what they see on the screen.

1198c Clear Mode

In SwitchFire Clear Mode, Time Variable Gain (TVG) software sifts through sonar returns to display only fish and structure – great for fishing in shallow and rough water, or for reducing undesired clutter in the water column. Clear Mode will be very beneficial to a newer user of the Humminbird 1198c or people that have a tough time interpreting what they see on the sonar screen.

Humminbird 1198c Additional Features

1198c Screen Views

On the Humminbird 1198c, three soft-key preset buttons help you can create views with GPS/Side Imaging or Side Imaging/sonar or GPS/Sonar, or many more. It’s easily customizable for ease of operation. With the huge screen, the 1198c is still very readable when screens are split multiple ways.

1198c Memory, GPS, Mapping

The Humminbird 1198c si has dual SD card slots which expand unit memory, allowing you to save screenshots off your fish finder to share with friends and family. Hundreds of fisherman save screenshots and post them on forums, on the internet, to discuss and interpret what their images show.

The 50-channel external GPS will keep you locked in on your location to make sure you don’t slip off the magic fishin spot. And to help you find the safe path to the fishing spot, the Humminbird 1198c fish finder is also LakeMaster and Navionics compatible-giving you a great visual of where you are on the water.

Humminbird 1198c
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Humminbird 1198c Summary and Additional Information

Now that you’ve read all about the Humminbird 1198c, you know the capabilities of this unit for yourself. If you are unsure of the humming bird 1198 is for you, please check out the fish finder reviews page.