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Humminbird 385Ci GPS FishFinder Review

Humminbird 385Ci GPS Combo Ice Fishing Fish Finder Review

Humminbird 385Ci GPS FishFinder: All I can say after extensive research on this Humminbird ice fish finder product is Wow!! This has just about everything you could ever want from Fish finder.

Granted, it might be a little overkill for the casual weekend fisherman, but if you’re really serious about your fishing, look no further. This is one to give serious consideration to.

Humminbird 385Ci Features

The Humminbird 385Ci  is designed for those who demand top-of-the-line technology but don’t have space for a bigger fishfinder. With tons of new features, the Humming bird 385Ci performs way beyond its size and is right at home in the most difficult fishing conditions.

Humminbird’s DualBeam sonar combines the advantages of narrow and wide-beam transducers into one system with wide coverage and better bottom definition. Its precision 20° at -10db 200kHz down-looking center beam looks for fish and structure directly below the boat, while the broad 60° at -10db 83kHz wide beam looks for fish outside the narrow beam around the boat.

The Fish Identification feature on the Humminbird 385Ci ice fish finder gives much better information on location than a traditional single beam:

Fish in the narrow beam are displayed as solid fish symbols; fish in the wide beam are shown as hollow fish symbols.

Trackplotting which we will explain in the Display feature below

fishermen fish finder

385Ci Ice Fishing Fish Finder Sonar Options

Sonar..what exactly is Sonar and how does it work exactly?

Sonar technology is based on sound waves. The 300 Series Fish finder uses sonar to locate and define the structure, bottom contour, and composition, as well as depth directly below the transducer.

Sonar is extremely fast. A sound wave can travel from the surface to a depth of 240 ft. and back again in less than ¼ of a second. It is very unlikely that your boat can “outrun” this sonar signal.

Dual-beam Switchfire Sonar with precision 20-degree beam and wider 60-degree beam; view beams separately, side-by-side, or blended together

What does Switchfire actually do?

Switchfire Sonar; When you hit the water, you don’t limit yourself to one bait. So why limit your sonar?

Exclusive Humminbird SwitchFire Sonar gives you the power to choose how returns are displayed. With two unique modes, you have complete control to adjust with the fishing conditions, making our down-looking sonar an even more valuable fish finding tool.

Real-time Sonar always updates at the fastest rate possible, shows returns from the bottom, structure, and fish that are within the transducer beam

Humminbird 385Ci Transducer

Inside hull or 385Ci transom mount transducer

Humming bird 385Ci Depth Capabilities

DualBeam PLUS 1000ft

Humminbird 385Ci GPS FishFinder
Humminbird 385Ci GPS FishFinder

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Humminbird 385Ci Display

  • Large Digits View
  • Provides easy to read format. 3.5″ diagonal
  • Ultrahigh-contrast, high-definition display with backlight 256 Color TFT


  • The menu is divided into easy to use modules
  • Startup
  • X-press Provides shortcut to your most frequently used settings
  • Main menu
  • Standard

Frequency, Watts, Power, and Cables

  • 2400 Watts PTP power output
  • 300 Watts RMS power output
  • Output Voltage: 1.2 V DC

Alarms and Alerts

All the alarms you need including, Depth, Fish ID, a Low battery which I really like, Temp, of course, Drift, and also gives you the choice of alarm tones.

Humminbird 385Ci Mounting System

Tilt and swivel quick-disconnect mounting system

The Humminbird Quick Disconnect Mount System is compatible with the Matrix 700, 500 and 300 Series. It allows the user to quickly disconnect their head unit from the mount. It also features the ability to tilt and swivel.

Humminbird 385Ci Dimensions

10.7 x 8.3 x 4.5 inches

In the Box

  • Humminbird 385Ci GPS Fish Finder
  • Chartplotter with Sounder
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Transom Mount Transducer
  • Installation Hardware/Cables
  • Owner’s Manuel

Operating Manual: Humminbird 385Ci GPS Fish Finder Manual




Humminbird 385Ci

Humminbird 385Ci Fish Finder Pros & Cons

Humminbird 385CiPros

  • Waterproof Fish Fİnder
  • Great value for the money
  • Relatively easy to use
  • Finding fish is easy with fish ID and it beeps when it finds some so you don’t even have to watch it for it to alert you Fishfinder provides far more detail than B&W models
  • Ice Fishing Fish Finder

Humming bird 385Ci Cons

  • GPS map upgrades are too expensive as currently offered

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This is one awesome Fish finder. Noted, It might be a little expensive for the average weekend angler but again If you’re serious about your fishing, I would give this considerable consideration.

I found it very hard after numerous searches on the Internet to find negative comments besides some purchasers not setting it the right way, to begin with. Overall I feel a great purchase for the money.