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Humminbird 570 FishFinder Review

Humminbird 570 FishFinder Review

Humminbird 570 FishFinder: I really was curious about this particular Fish finder because of the price. I just wasn’t sure it was that much better than the others to warrant the higher price so I went to work looking up everything I could find on this Humminbird 570 Fish finder. The more I researched it, the better I started to think it was worth the extra cost over the other models.

humminbird 570

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Humminbird 570 Features

  • Selective Fish ID
  • 5″ LCD Display
  • Transducer Included.
  • Transducer–Standard: XNT-9-DI-T
  • SwitchFire sonar
  • Max Mode…What the heck is this? (explain this function further down)
  • Clear Mode…And this? (explain this function further down)
  • Three new Color Palettes: (explain this function further down)
  • Dual Beam Plus
  • Precision, 20° beam is optimized for excellent bottom detail and reveals fish hidden in bottom clutter
  • Wider, 60° beam provides greater coverage for fish and baitfish
  • View beams separately, side by side, or blended together for the complete picture
  • Find fish and structure in an area equal to your depth
  • Humminbird 570 Fish Finder DI Fully Waterproof
  • Unit Size: 7″ h. x 7″ w. x 4″ d.

Humminbird 570 FishFinder

Humminbird 570 Energy supply

  • Includes soft-sided case, gel-cell battery, and charger
  • 2000 watts PTP power output
  • Power Output (RMS): 300 Watts
  • Power Output (Peak to Peak): 2,400 Watts
  • Power Input: 10-20 VDC
  • Power Draw: 200 mA (lights off).

Humminbird 570 Set Up

  • Large Digits View
  • Quick Disconnect Mounting System
  • Triplog- optional..(Optional Triplog is a selectable readout that’ll only appear in the menu, if a Speed Accessory, GPS or Paddlewheel, is connected. The Triplog provides average speed,
    distance traveled, and elapsed time information)
  • x-Press Menu System..provides quick access to the settings most frequently used
  • Transducer Mounting: Inside Hull or Transom

Humminbird 570 Display

  • High-resolution 12 level grayscale 640V x 320H 5” display
  • Dual beam sonar 20° and 60°
  • 5.0″ diagonal
  • Display Pixel..640V x 320H
  • FSTN LCD.. (12-level grayscale)
  • Backlight for easy viewing in all light
  • Custom View Selections allows you to see only the views that you want, giving you the flexibility to access the information you need quickly and easily
  • Custom Digital Readout Selection allows customization of digital readout
  • Selectable display colors
  • Selectable background colors

In the Box

  • Humminbird 570 Fish finder with suction cup Mount and Power Cord
  • Humminbird XNT 9 20 T Transducer – 20/60 Degree 200/83 kHz w/temp, 20 ft cable and transom mount bracket
  • 12 Volt Battery
  • Battery Charger
  • Humminbird 570 Operation and Installation manual




Humminbird 570

Humminbird 570 Fish Finder Pros & Cons

Humminbird 570 Pros

  • This fish finder is easy to set up
  • Easy menus and control
  • Performed well straight out of the box.

Humminbird 570 Cons

  • Not finding too many cons’s on this except one user said not to mount to close to the prop

humminbird 570 fish finder

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  • Max Mode detects even the slightest returns, displaying them on-screen in full detail, and helping you identify variables like thermoclines, plankton and baitfish populations, structure and, of course, game fish. Max Mode is great for jigging, too, since its incredible detail allows you to see your jig on-screen. This complete picture of the action below your boat lets, you tailor your approach to match the conditions and catch more fish…
  • Clear Mode offers a crisp, uncluttered representation of structure and fish…great for fishing in shallow water. Clear Mode filters out weaker returns like silt and debris, displaying only stronger signals like bottom contour, structure, schools
    of baitfish and individual game fish.
  • THREE NEW COLOR PALETTES: New color palettes provide even more flexibility on the water to deal with overcast or full-sun conditions.


Users of the Humminbird 570 commented on the quality fish finder of the Image.

Other users told about the instructions were complete with everything you needed for a general transom setup