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humminbird ice-35 portable flasher review

Humminbird ICE 35 Portable Flasher Review

The Humminbird Ice 35 flasher is equipped with revolutionary features designed and built for diehard ice fishing fanatics. This unit is quite different from other standard fish finders. This is because this model is specifically meant for ice fishing. Rather than seeing a traditional display where you only get sonar readings, this ice unit serves as a flasher, where you can typically see some colors moving around the dial. You will see a reading depending on what is available beneath. This is how you can determine whether or not you have to cut a hole within the ice. It is also a dual beam flasher, meaning your readings are expected to be more accurate, with more data made available. It also performs well with its maximum 200 feet depth. Despite its maximum depth capacity, you really do not have to go that far since most of your fishing will be closer toward the shore, unless you decide to go fishing in deeper areas.

humminbird ice-35
humminbird ice 35

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Humminbird Ice 35 Features

  • Triple color display flasher – this is made out of the latest technology in fiber optics, thus allowing for easier analysis of collected data.
  • Unit is fitted with an overlapping depth scale that can help come up with a better view beneath the sunlight
  • It has zooming capabilities that are highly adjustable, thus making it possible to see a clear section view of a water column.
  • The shuttle mount is fitted with gimbal bracket.
  • The dual beam comes with a 9/19 degree transducer
  • Depth capability of 200 feet
  • Power output of 800 watts
  • 4 button switch pad (zoom, noise, gain, and different beam selections)
  • Display on battery statues thus allowing you to see the power of your flashers
  • Rechargeable 12 volt charger and battery


  • This unit is highly user friendly
  • Fitted with adjustable zoom which enhances clarity
  • LED screen may be viewed from different angles
  • Allows for easier interpretation, thanks to its triple color display


  • Can be noisy when in use


The Humminbird Ice 35 is a unit which is definitely worth your attention. It comes with exceptional features as well as great capabilities. The features allow for the reception of the right information in a visible and clear way when talking about pictures, as well as projected images. All in all, when talking about quality, ease of use and effectiveness is also related. Both of these descriptions apply to this unit, thus making it a product that is a must have for both amateur and professional ice fishermen.

Other Humminbird Ice Fishing Series

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Since ice fishing is a specific aspect of fishing, it is highly important to choose only fish finders that are particularly designed for this particular fishing activity. There are several other players on the market that you can choose from. The bottom line is that it is highly recommended to identify what your needs are, including your personal preferences, in order to make the right choice. For one, you can consider the Marcum VX-1 pro, which comes with 1000 watts of power, a protective carrying case, as well as a rechargeable battery, among many others.

Another player also comes from the ice fishing series of Humminbird, the Ice 55 model. It has also grabbed the attention of many ice fishermen. It comes with certain features that make it special on its own. Being under the same manufacturer, the same trust behind the reputation can also be expected.

However, if you take into consideration all of the other features of ice 35 which are not available in these two features, it can easily be said that the Humminbird Ice 35 is the better option. Then again, as previously mentioned, it is highly recommended to identify what your needs are first in order to make the best decision when it comes to getting the best one.

humminbird ice-35 portable flasher
humminbird ice-35 portable flasher

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The Humminbird Ice 35 is definitely a great option. The power of this unit is decent. At the same time, the batteries last for a long time, which is perfect for longer fishing trips. A lot of anglers also love its LED display because it allows you to see even in darker conditions, which is perfect when fishing during the winter season. You will notice that the moment you receive it, it is still not assembled, but the process in assembling is very easy. You can use the demo mode that will serve as your guide on how to familiarize your fish finder before you actually bring it out on ice.

When you are finally on the ice, you will notice that the readings will either be yellow, red or green. Green is light, yellow means medium, while red is strong. You will certainly be able to see a lot of things the moment you start putting this transducer down on a particular area while waiting for the readings. This process is somewhat different from the ones which usually need to be mounted on a boat. The features of the Humminbird Ice 35 hugely contribute to the overall performance and uniqueness of this product. For instance, this unit is very easy to use. This is possible thanks to the presence of the flasher display, which enables the reception of crystal clear images that can be viewed even under direct bright light. The technology that is also used allows for fast interpretation and operation, thus resulting in a very user friendly unit.

The ice 35 is also known for its vital component, the transducer. Once the transducer is suspended under the ice or water, it transforms electrical energy that is projected from the receiver into sound waves. These pulses are converted back into electrical signals that are then displayed on the flasher dial screen. It is also important to keep in mind that in order to receive accurate detection of the transducer, it should be immersed in water first.