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iBobber Review [Castable Bluetooth Fish Finder]

Over the years, mobile devices and smart phones have gotten increasingly popular. Who knew that they would one day be used to help catch fish? Well, with the iBobber, you can use your smart phone as part of your fish finding system. Although this type of system definitely takes some getting used to, the iBobber is an excellent device that will provide you with everything you need to up your fishing skills and prosper out on the water. What makes this fish finder so amazing? You’ll be able to discover more information below.

Awesome Features

Overall, the ReelSonar iBobber is a highly innovative fish finder that is ultimately very impressive. Although it might be lacking in depth, it will provide you with a massive array of other features that make up for it! As far as the depth goes, you’ll be able to rely on sonar that is capable of scanning up to 135 feet beneath the water’s surface. There is no doubt that this doesn’t meet the standards of traditional fish finders, but the device offers more features, such as the lunar calendar weather. With this specific option, you will be able to track various aspects of the weather, including temperature, wind and rain forecasts.

Of course, it doesn’t stop there either! The device is also capable of helping you keep track of strikes, with a very handy strike alarm! This can help to ensure that you hook all of the fish that take the bait and up your success rate. The iBobber works with a Lithium-Ion battery that needs to be recharged every 8 hours. Still, this is sufficient for the majority of anglers and should provide a few days of fishing, before a recharge is necessary.

Finally, the device is also GPS compatible. With the fish finder’s GPS system, you will be able to track hotspots, dates, times, lure used and the number of fish found! Suffice to say, this system will provide you with your very own wonderland out on the water!

ibobber portable fish finder
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Despite some lacking features, the iBobber is well worth the affordable cost. The fish finder’s pros will be listed below for your consideration.

  • Works with Bluetooth technology and eliminates cords
  • GPS compatibility for more tracking possibilities
  • Create your own hotspots with the GPS system
  • Keep track of temperature, wind and rain forecasts easily
  • Long lasting Lithium-Ion battery that lasts for 8 hours
  • Extremely affordable
  • Although the product isn’t the best on the market, it is very reliable and innovative.


  • Although the product is well worth the money, there are some specific cons that may sway you away from the purchase. For instance, the depth is very limited! 135 feet is entirely slim and doesn’t even compare to inexpensive, traditional fish finders.

How to Use iBobber

1. Prepare your iBobber

First of all, charge your iBobber its dock. However, it doesn’t need much power for charging since the size is small. You can even simply plug it in with usb connector through you laptop for charging alternative. Once it is charged, it will be last for 8 hours

2. Download the App

Second, download the iBobber apps from app store. It’s free anyway. So this app is for displaying the information you need once iBobber float is on the water surface

3. Enjoy fishing

Third, you can enjoy fishing now. As usual, you have to throw your fishing hook to the water. Once, it is on the surface, move the hook gently and activate your iBobber app. 3 seconds later, you will see a radar showing how big is the fish inside, how many fish inside the water, etc. Moreover, this technology can detect the fish appearance up to 135feet deep


What is iBobber?

iBobber is a Sonar Fish Finder invented in the middle of 2015. The function of this stuff is to detect the position of fish inside the water. Using a small float you always use together with your hook, IBobber effectively send you the water condition inside. The information you will get include how many fish are in, how big is the fish you are going to catch, and where the fish is moving

How to Get This Technology

This technology is widely known already. You can easily get it on the Wallmart, Fishhound, Red’s Gear, and some other online store, like Amazon. This technology comes with some standard sonar feature of 3′ – 135’ deep . Depth scale & Fish depth & 2 Sizes. This will give you a no worry feeling about the information of the fish location. Another cool feature is the helpful alarm when you iBobber is moving or the hook inside the water catch a fish already. Some helpful thing is also weather detector, temperature sensor, and barometer which make you easier to map the right location when usually fish enjoy swimming. Finally, it can be said that this technology is revolutionary helpful for future fishing activity. Get this valuable technology will definitely deliver you to have some more selfie picture with a giant fish.

ibobber portable fish finder
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Overall Assessment

How serious of an angler are you? Your answer will ultimately determine whether or not you should make this purchase. The iBobber portable fish finder is awesome for the occasional fisherman, but serious anglers will want to opt for something with much better depth. Still, the price is definitely compelling and the rest of the features certainly justify it perfectly.