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Kayak Rod Holders and Types

Rod holders, which mount perfectly to the kayak are considered essential tools by fishermen. They serve to provide convenience, protection and comfort to kayak anglers. Additionally, they allow you to take time off from holding your fishing gear without necessarily having to take your fishing line out of water. Furthermore, the use of rod holders in Kayak fishing makes it possible for you to fish using multiple rods, therefore doubling your angling efforts. Incorporating one or more rod holders will help transform a typical recreational kayak to an all-day fishing platform. There are several types of rod holders that will help improve your experience in Kayak fishing. However, your fishing style will largely determine which type is appropriate.

Types of kayak rod holders and their installation


Clamp-On Fishing Rod Holder
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These type of holders offer convenient and easy attachments to your kayak. They mount through clamping onto the horizontal rails of the kayak. Clamp-on holders are perfect for anglers who like the idea of positioning rods throughout their boat. Additionally, they are portable as well as convenient for rental boats and long distance kayak fishing expedition. Compared to other rod holders such as the drill-mounted holders, they are normally less expensive. However, they have a minor disadvantage of slipping over time, therefore requiring tightening.

Tube Rod

tube rod holder
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These are one piece units made of corrosion-resistant materials. They feature easy installation compared to other types of rod holders. Anglers normally attach tube rod holders onto the holding box or milk crate in the kayak. This type of rod holders often incorporate quick-release mechanisms with angle adjustment capabilities. Additionally, it incorporates other features, such as the tube rack rod holders that serve to hold multiple fishing rods.

Adjustable/Fixed Drill Mount

Adjustable Fixed Drill Mount Rod Holder
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These are installed normally installed permanently by making a hole through the kayak in order to insert and fasten the holder. Adjustable units enable locking of the holder into any position or angle, so as to facilitate fishing in any direction. On the other hand, drill mounts are perfect for trolling anglers as well as those who fish with a single boat. These kind of holders have the advantage of providing a non-slip as well as durable attachment.


removable rod holder
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These are ideal for kayak anglers who desire the convenience and versatility of impermanent rod holders. Also, they are perfect for anglers having multiple boats or boaters who share kayaks. They are installed using a fastener which allows sliding in and out of the plate.

Now that you’ve got the information, you can confidently go shopping for your kayak rod holders. This will help you achieve ultimate experience as well as convenience in your kayak fishing expedition.

Bonus: A Kayak Fish Finder Is Essential To Effectively Catching Fish

A kayak fish finder is a gadget which assists you to find schools of fish virtually in any type of waters while you are in a kayak. Once you have installed a fish finder, you basically eliminate all the guess work from your fishing expedition because this gadget leads you to where more fish are situated. Of course this equipment will not make the fish bite the hook, but will help you to know where the fish are hiding. Kayak fishing has gained popularity in recent years, this is because of the minor cost of this equipment. Kayaks are normally small, usually single person watercraft which can be propelled without a motor.

kayak fish finders
kayak fish finders

How does a kayak fish finder works

How does a kayak fish finder works, the basic concept is so simple. A kayak fish finder uses sonar technology which is so similar to radar. It scans through the water and send back the information to the receiver. The receiver is made in a way that it has a screen where you will be able to see which direction the fish are swimming. The kayak fish finder uses rechargeable batteries. The use of kayak finders can be applied in both fresh and salty waters fishing. Some fish finders require no installation at all, you just toss a floating sonar sensor from your kayak. However most people find the info send from this floating sensor difficult to interpret, but at around fifty dollars, these model are the cheapest.

Important Factors

Whenever you are going to buy a kayak finder there are several factors you should consider. The first thing to consider is waterproofing. Is the kayak fish finder waterproof? What about other properties such as cables and batteries? Price is another factor to consider, some fishermen prefer purchasing several cheap models instead of a single expensive one. This is because when an expensive kayak finder breaks, the cost of repairing it may be higher.

Best Fish Finder Brands for Kayak

Kayak fish finders are very versatile and will take the fishing experience to a whole new level. Just like the many electronic products, kayak fish finders vary according to both price as well as quality. Some of the companies who specialize in making kayak fish finders are the Eagle, Humminbird, Garmin, and Lowrance.

Best Fish Finder for Kayak Reviews


The capabilities of a kayak fish finder entirely depends on price. The more expensive ones usually have powerful sonar which handles depths of up to 90 feet whereas the cheapest kayak fish finders will only scout maximum depths of up to 10 feet. Expensive kayak fish finder have additional accessories such as thermometers. Some kayak fish finder even comes with large LCD color display which enables you to have a clear view of fish, while others have inbuilt global positioning systems.


Your ultimate comfort as a fisherman is determined by the equipment you have at your disposal. With modern kayak production techniques, it is becoming relatively more inexpensive to join the field of kayak fishing. Even though it was perceived that speed was required for effective trolling of large fish, the increased use of modern kayak fish finder has taken this whole experience of fishing to the next level.