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Lowrance Elite 4 Chirp Review

Lowrance recently introduced the very affordable Elite 4 CHIRP to the company’s lineup. This fish finder comes equipped with the necessary features of the previous HDI series, but with the additional feature of CHIRP, which emits a modulated pulse through the transducer instead of just emitting a single 50 and 200 kHz pulse which bounces off different objects while returning the similar frequency.

lowrance elite 4 chirp
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CHIRP pings go through the water at various frequencies that range from 28 to 60 kHz, 42 to 65 kHz, as well as 130 to 210 kHz. Regardless of the target distances, the pings return at various frequencies, even from the smallest objects, providing greater image detail. With the use of a single transducer, boaters are given the option of changing the settings of these units with pings that range from low to high. When the unit is set on the lowest frequency, the sonar can illustrate game and bait fish at its deepest depths at the column of the water.

On the other hand, a medium setting can be used in attempting to search for bottom structures as well as fish. At the same time, the high setting can offer very clear images in coastal or shallow waters. The detail that is produced makes it highly possible to watch the real action surrounding the lures while distinguishing the difference between game fish and bait balls. The images are also visible even when the boat is in motion.

Lowrance Elite 4 Chirp Features

  • 4.3-inch screen
  • Color images in high definition
  • Water depth
  • Temperature and boat speed (through large onscreen digits)
  • On/off, menu, zoom, page and directional buttons
  • TrackBack feature
  • Map feature
  • Micro SD card slot
  • Insight Genesis technology
  • CHIRP Sonar PLUS DownScan Imaging
  • Optional Chart Upgrades
  • DownScan Overlay
  • Multi-Window Display
  • Lowrance Advantage Service Program support

Lowrance Elite 4 Chirp Pros

  • Easy to identify and distinguish game and bait fish targets
  • Better identification of targets at greater depths
  • Clearly marks fish at the faster boat speed
  • Brilliant, high-resolution backlit color display
  • Highly accurate, built-in GPS antenna
  • Optional chart upgrades

Lowrance Elite 4 Chirp Cons

  • Issues with the instruction manual


The Lowrance Elite 4 CHIRP is all the rage in these days in the world of fishing. The frequency sweeping sonar has embedded itself with the mainstream now, largely in part to the recent versions introduced by the company. The combination of standard sonar, with DownScan imaging, as well as CHIRP Sonar makes these fish finders completely attractive to anglers.

lowrance elite 4 chirp
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This unit model includes all of the tested features of the previous HDI series, but with the addition of the CHIRP Sonar Technology, thus offering greater sensitivity, superior noise rejection, improved target resolution, as well as easy to see targets. There is no question that this fish finder is considered versatile.


When it comes to fish finding options, there are a lot of tools currently available these days. As a matter of fact, there are also players that have been praised for their own capabilities. Most of them are made by the same manufacturer, Lowrance. You may also take into consideration the Lowrance HDS 5, which is known for its combo fish finder and chart plotter options. It is very versatile and compact, has a small footprint and is perfect for anglers searching for a great fishing tool.

Another option is the Lowrance HDS 8, which offers a multifunctional display that also serves as both a marine chart plotter and Broadband Sounder. It also comes with an internal GPS sensor. This unit prevents anglers from getting lost when fishing, especially if they are fishing in open waters.

With the features presented, you can easily say that the Lowrance Elite 4 Chirp is still the better option. This unit can help in making sure that you do not go home empty-handed, but also makes sure that you enjoy the entire experience. In the end, the option is still in your hands. Upon taking into consideration your needs and preferences, you can easily make the best decision possible.


All in all, the Lowrance Elite 4 is a good choice when it comes to tools for fish finding. It comes with several features that can help anglers, both beginners, and elite, to enjoy their fishing experience. This unit comes with a 4.3-inch screen which offers color images in high definition. It comes with push buttons that are also very easy to use. Once it is powered on, the anglers only need to select a series of pre-set page layouts that range from single to triple split views on the screen. It is also possible to look at maps while getting the DownScan images simultaneously.

lowrance elite 4 chirp
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On the other hand, it also comes with the TrackBack feature which can allow you to scroll stored images backward in order to reassess specific locations or structures. The map feature offers information on more than 3,000 rivers and lakes within the United States, including the coastal contours. Lowrance Elite 4 Chirp fish finder also features down imaging which creates crisper images of what is beneath the boat with the use of high-frequency sonar. It can also create photograph-like 3D images of actual fish, solid structures and vegetation, taking the mystery out of both inanimate and animate objects. With the use of its overlay option, different anglers may also combine the DownScan images, along with CHIRP sonar in order to form a single view.

You certainly can’t go wrong with choosing the Lowrance Elite 4 Chirp. Whether you are a beginner or elite in the fishing world, you will find the features that are very helpful in making sure that you do not end up empty-handed while enjoying the entire experience at the same time.