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Lowrance HDS 10 Gen 2

Lowrance HDS 10 Gen 2

The Lowrance HDS 10 Gen 2 is a member of the Lowrance HDS product family which was initially launched to the world of fishing back in 2009. This product line took a huge leap in technology, enabling the company to set a new standard when it comes to features, advancements, user interface, as well as expandability. This fishfinder comes with a large display (8.4 in/21.3 cm) with Super VGA 600V x 800H resolution which may be split from one panel to four. It can also be customized to suit the preferences and needs of the users. Its display represents clarity which is enhanced further by the company’s award-winning feature, Broadband Sounder, which is currently built into the HDS line. Users can select options according to their personal choices, including light conditions.

lowrance hds 10 gen 2 review
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Lowrance HDS 10 Gen 2 Features

  • Trackback ability
  • Network options (adding device and options)
  • StructureScan
  • StructureMap
  • SpotlightScan Sonar
  • Insight USA mapping package
  • Built-in fast 5 Hz GPS antenna
  • GoFree Wireless Technology
  • Broadband Sounder
  • Insight Genesis
  • Extensive mapping options

Lowrance HDS 10 Gen 2 Pros and Cons


  • High-quality connectivity options
  • High contrast screen size and viewability
  • User adjustable window size
  • Page specific menus
  • Easily built waypoints
  • Easy to create routes
  • Easy to activate man overboard function
  • Uses broadband sonar technology
  • Advantage service support


  • Issues may start appearing after some months
  • On the expensive side


For the standard user, the Lowrance HDS 10 will certainly pave open the doors way beyond expectations. On the other hand, advanced users will find this model with more capabilities which can provide ample growth whenever necessary. A lot of users would certainly agree that this model is definitely one of the best chart-plotters / sonar the company has created. It comes with an 8.5-inch wide x 6.4 inch HD screen that is bright, clear and easy to read. Overall, this package may be purchased with different configurations, along with various transducer and cartography options. Therefore, before purchasing, it is advisable to make the best choice on these options.

Lowrance HDS 10 Gen 2 Comparison

There are also other fish finders that are currently available on the market these days. For instance, there is the LCX 11C HD under the same manufacturer. However, more users prefer the HDS 10 Gen 2 because of it has several other features over the other product. Lowrance HDS 10 Gen 2 is also a huge improvement compared to its earlier predecessor, the Lowrance HDS 9, including a 50% improvement when it comes to pixel density. This only goes to show that it is highly advisable to make sure that you make an informed decision before purchasing. Check out all of the features that are available in order to get the best choice.


The Lowrance HDS 10 Gen 2 package is shipped together with the mounting bracket, a display unit, dual frequency transom-mount transducer, installation manual, operations manual, quick start guide, as well as a combination NMEA0183 power/data cable. It may also be purchased as either a standalone fishfinder or a standalone chart plotter. The unit display measures 8.9 inches (height) x 12.3 inches (width) x 3.6 inches (depth). When the Lowrance HDS 10 Gen 2 package is connected to the right optional sensors, it may also display radar data, engine gauges, broadband side-scanning sonar, as well as Sirius marine weather and radio. There is also a single cable that comes with a twist lock connector that attaches to the case back. It has the capability of supplying power as well as NMEA 0183 data via its individual legs.

lowrance hds 10 gen 2 review
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A lot of users of the Lowrance HDS 10 Gen2 package find the display screen to be bright, clear and very easy to read. Even though there may be a need to pay close examination on the screen when it comes to checking small details, it is pretty much expected these days due to the great amount of fine detail that is shown for several areas. When it is viewed right from the display, it has the capability to maintain high-quality screen brightness even when the user has polarized glasses on. The chart plotter sounder is easy to view in daylight. At any point in use, there is no screen fogging to be found in the display. It also comes with a daytime and nighttime color palette. The night palette can change letters and numbers onscreen, turning it to a darker color for easier viewing at night. Aside from that, it has a minimum to zero effect on the chart pages or radar while the sounder page can invert the colors.

Overall, the Chart Plotter Fish Finder feature makes good use of eight single, as well as dual function push buttons, touch flywheel, and six soft keys. It is also equipped with a keypad that can control the functionality of the package while being able to manipulate onscreen menus. The keypad also comes with a ring which allows the user to scroll the menus by placing a single finger on the ring and moving it as necessary. The soft key functions are also viewable onscreen on top of each of the soft key push buttons. The page screen and full-screen view combinations are setups with the use of the pages button, enter key and keypad. This makes it possible to select options from the six primary pages, including sonar, chart, radar, waypoints, steer, as well as info. The combination of the pages is presented in two different windows. All in all, the features of the Lowrance HDS define quality and functionality. Since the package may be purchased in different configurations, together with the various transducer and cartography options, it is highly recommended that you identify the features that you need, in order to make a well-informed decision before purchasing.