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lowrance mark 5x pro

Lowrance Mark 5x Pro Review

Meet the Lowrance Mark 5x Pro, a high-quality fish finding device with a large 5-inch display that is great for everyone from experienced anglers to beginners. This model has the capabilities of the most advanced high-tech devices, but also offers an automatic mode that can choose your settings so that you don’t have to spend a lot of time with functions that you don’t need.

The Lowrance Mark 5x Pro is powerful and has all the features you expect in a modern fish finder, but it is still user-friendly and reasonably priced. Let’s take a closer look at this device.

lowrance mark 5x pro
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What Is It?

  • The Lowrance Mark 5x Pro is a wide-coverage, dual-frequency 83/200 kHz fishfinder with a power output of 300W RMS. The peak-to-peak power output is, naturally, much higher, running to 2400W. As a result, the Mark 5x can reach the depth of 1000 feet (305 meters).
  • The device measures 6.9 x 5.4 x 2.5 inches (17.4 x 13.6 x 6.3 centimeters). It has a 5-inch (12.7-centimeter) grayscale display with a resolution of 480 x 480 pixels and an adjustable backlight.

Why Choose This Model?


  • Lowrance, a brand owned by Navico, which is the world’s largest marine electronics company, has been synonymous with innovation and quality since it created the first fish finder for anglers back in 1959. Lowrance today manufactures the most advanced marine electronics and uses its trademark technologies to enhance the experience of fishing.
  • The Mark-5x Pro is part of the Mark Series, a line of similarly high-quality products that vary in features and price, with the Pro model being (naturally) the most advanced; it is not quite an Elite Lowrance fish finder yet, but it is close (for a comparison, click here). Still, if the Mark 5x Pro isn’t what you’re looking for, there are other Mark devices to consider. Whatever the model, a Lowrance device is always a great choice!


The Lowrance Mark 5x Pro uses the company’s most advanced technologies to find fish and enhance your fishing experience. Here are some of the best reasons to choose this device:

  • Skimmer transducer. A trademark of Lowrance, this double-frequency (83/200 kHz) transom-mounted transducer is equipped with a inbuilt temperature sensor, so it provides you with all the information you want from a fish finder: temperature, bottom structure and, of course, fish.
  • Automatic mode and advanced user mode. This is what makes the Lowrance Mark-5x Pro Fishfinder suitable for all kinds and levels of anglers. The automatic mode optimizes the performance of the device and its fish-finding capabilities? you can simply relax and let the device itself take care of the settings. If and when you want to unleash the device’s other capabilities, you can use the advanced mode. In other words, you can customize your Mark 5x Pro!
  • The TrackBack option. A trademark of Lowrance, this feature lets you view your fishing history. This is highly useful option tends to be lacking among affordable fish finders.
  • The display is large (especially for a portable model), high-resolution and backlit so that it can be used in any weather conditions and regardless of the time of the day. The keypad, by the way, is also backlit, which further increases the ease of operation.

Other Advantages

Lowrance simply does not know how to produce anything but high-tech and high-quality products. The Lowrance Mark 5x Pro Fishfinder, in particular, has a number of advantages in addition to the ones already discussed:

  • Easy and convenient. The display, backlighting, different settings modes? it will be clear by now that the Lowrance Mark 5x is convenient to use. In addition, the Lowrance mounting equipment makes installing and manipulating the device (whether mounting, swiveling, adjusting or unplugging it) easy and fast.
  • You would think that goes without saying, wouldn’t you? But the fact is that there are devices that cannot withstand exposure to the elements. This is not something you need to worry about with the Lowrance Mark 5x Pro, however: it is not afraid of any type of water, and requires just a quick rinse after use. This seems like a pretty important feature for a device that is designed to be used on and around the water.
  • Lowrance Advantage Service. Learn here about Advantage Service, Lowrance’s warranty program, which offers coverage in the unlikely event that your Mark 5x Pro ever needs repair or replacement. The basic Advantage Service is free, but upgrades offer additional options (including the opportunity to replace an old model with a newer, more advanced one).
  • Be forewarned: this is not the cheapest fish finder (and not even the cheapest Lowrance fish finder) available. But as with almost any product, you get what you pay for, which makes the price that Lowrance charges is entirely justified, and indeed a good value for the dollar.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

Grayscale display. While the display has a number of quite satisfying features, color pictures is not one of them. Grayscale displays have proved entirely functional for fish finders, though nowadays you can of course get a color one, which supposedly makes for a better experience. Apart from this minor issue, we could find not flaws with the Mark 5x; and this particular? flaw? should probably be seen as a way of keeping the price from getting out of hand.

lowrance mark 5x pro
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Bottom line

To sum up, Lowrance Mark 5x Pro is a really attractive option for portable fish finders currently on the market. Reasonably powerful for the price, and reasonably compact for a device with an ample 5-inch display, this device was created by people who understand what fishermen need. At the same time, it does not offer any special options (don’t expect to find any lunar calendars or chart plotters here); it simply finds fish.