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Lowrance X4 Pro Review

Lowrance X4 Pro Review

What makes the Lowrance X4 Pro a standout is that it has the capability to cover more water, allowing users to enjoy a more successful fishing trip. This model is a part of the Lowrance series of fish finders for beginners, just like its sibling, the Lowrance X4. This is an inexpensive and excellent way to literally get on board and actively use a fish finder while angling. This model comes with 188 watts of power and has the ability to show readings with its 4-inch display, which can provide information up to 500 feet at 83 kHz. If you are fishing in shallow waters and are targeting fish lurk, this model’s transducer feature can shoot a 200 kHz beam to provide you crisper pictures, even at shallower depths. The Lowrance X4 Pro is both effective and affordable. With features such as automatic Advanced Signal Processing (ASP) tuning which offers the best sonar picture regardless of water conditions, you have the best option at hand.

Lowrance X4 Pro
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Lowrance X4 Pro Features

  • Automatic tuning which makes it possible to obtain the best picture
  • Improved target separation
  • More defined bottom composition
  • Makes use of computer software which determines the sonar readings that are most likely fish
  • Displays fish icons rather than the standards ‘arches’
  • Screen size – 4 inches
  • Screen resolution – 240 x 160 px
  • Includes owner’s manual
  • Installation hardware
  • Transom mount transducer
  • X4 Pro Fishfinder display


  • Downscan imaging technology which analyzes sonar returns to ensure you only get underwater structure and activity which is picked up from right below the boat, and not on the sides. This ensures that you are fishing in the right spot.
  • The 4-inch screen comes with the incandescent backlight, which you can read even when you are under direct sunlight.
  • 200-kilohertz sonar power which is versatile enough for use not just with the 200 kHz transducers, but also 50 kHz varieties, too.
  • Built with dual-search capacity, making 200, as well as 83 200 200 kHz operation highly possible.
  • Waterproof and backup memory, which is good if the device ends up losing power suddenly.


  • Works as expected but nothing fancy


The Lowrance X4 Pro is a highly productive fishfinder if you are looking for great help when it comes to fishing expeditions in both shallow and deepwater areas. Since it is also equipped with a temperature sensor, it is easy to focus on your target depending on the water temperature in which they are generally found in. The display can also twist and turn in several directions. Thus, you can easily adjust it however you want it so that you can feel comfortable, even though this unit is just mounted in its place. This is definitely one of the most affordable options available on the market these days. As a matter of fact, it turns out that the amount you might spend in bait for a month is the same as the price of this tool. Despite its affordability, the features that come along with it make it your best friend. From its 200 kHz sonar, DownScan imaging, skimmer transducer, as well as waterproof and backup memory, you will certainly find yourself wondering if they priced this model correctly.


You have other options when it comes to the best fish finder tools. For instance, you can also choose its predecessor, the Lowrance X4. However, the main difference between the two tools is that the X4 Pro is equipped with a higher power rating. It also has improved features, such as the capability to shoot out two frequencies, thus providing you with a clearer picture. This quality of imaging is applicable whether you are fishing in inland lakes or even while doing so off the coast. Another option is the Lowrance HDS 10 Gen 2, which is another sibling. However, if you are searching for a truly affordable tool that can fit your budget, you will still be wise enough to go with the Lowrance X4 Pro fishfinder.

Lowrance X4 Pro
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There is no question that the Lowrance X4 Pro Fish finder is your most effective and affordable option. It comes with Automatic Advanced Signal Processing (ASP) tuning that offers the best possible quality of sonar picture despite water conditions. Its Grayline feature improves the viewing for separating target and assists in distinguishing both soft and hard bottoms. At a price of around $ on Amazon, this is the most affordable option you have. In fact, it will turn out to be cheaper than the actual cost of bait. Yet its budget-friendly price tag does not compromise the quality of the product.

This model comes with a 4-inch screen display along with a 4-level grayscale. While its resolution may be viewed as modest, this device is equipped with DownScan imaging technology that delivers picturesque image quality with each of its sonar returns of up to 300 feet. This technology in imaging is supported by special software exclusive to its brand, which accomplishes its task by analyzing sonar returns and making sure that you only capture underwater activity as well as structure beneath your boat.

At the same time, the sonar circuitry with this model’s operation works at 200 kHz, and it is also dual-frequency capable. This means that it versatility enough to not only use with 200 kHz transducers but also with 50 kHz types as well. On top of that, it comes with a dual-search capability, making both operations of 200 and 83 200 kHz possible. This sonar capability versatility offers anglers the best potential resolution and definition possible for their underwater structure and target. This device also stands out at offering even the smallest details of marine movement beneath your boat something not often found in other fish finder tools with lesser frequencies. Bottom line, the Lowrance X4 Pro is the best option.