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Raymarine Dragonfly 6 Review

Raymarine Dragonfly 6 Navionics+ Fish Finder Review

Raymarine is serious marine electronics including the navionics you look for in-depth finding fishing tools. The backlit display keeps the sun from obscuring your view all the way in day time fishing. Dual channels allow for simultaneous fish displays at once on one of the best fish finders available for your fish detection. Depending on your tastes the built-in capability of this fish finder has what you need for any trip you take.

The Raymarine Dragonfly 6 is absolutely an awesome fish finder with optimum views and images displayed with brilliant color and clarity. The clear images below the surfaces of water are unbelievable. You have to really see it to believe it. The large screen and imaging are bar none the best of fish finders out there on the market.

Raymarine Dragonfly 6
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The Dragonfly is cutting edge technology with superior imaging on one of the best depth finders available. Your fish finder should have these advantages for the absolutely up to the detail information on each fishing trip you take. You can really take advantage of the customization on the Dragonfly making it your personal fishing log. Raymarine Dragonfly 6 is a personally customize fish finder for serious fishermen.

Raymarine Dragonfly 6 Features

GPS built-in to your Raymarine fish finder gives you the full picture beneath the surface area you are searching for the best fishing. Sonar imaging upgrades the icons so that you can become an expert in the art of fish detection and underwater structure in minutes of your first fishing trip. The mounting device is excellent with a swivel ball mount for access viewing from any angle on your boat. The CHIRP down vision brings the highest of clear images on your Raymarine display.

Simplicity makes the Raymarine easy to learn with the top capability of technology without the knowledge of computer technology. GPS mapping makes this fish finder one of the best with the dual imaging of this fish finder. Keep your seat as you take this fish finder on trips for the expert view of technology without devices.

There is another key feature on the Raymarine Dragonfly 6 5.7 and this is the maintenance menu. If you switch on this menu you can find out all about your settings and the about this unit display shows all of your information with detail. Settings reset on this menu show all of the resets that have been done on your unit. You can back up your settings to a memory card and restore your saved settings. Save your logs to your SD card and Erase logs can erase all of your crash logs on your fish finder.

Raymarine Dragonfly 6 Benefits

The bonded display gives the advantage of cushioning on your viewing screen with a gel that protects your LCD screen and gives the ultimate clarity in vision on your fish finder from Raymarine. You can view from several different angles available and no fog on your display for a trip expanding feature on early morning fishing.

If you love serious depth finding with simple control the Dragonfly is your option for the best fish finder on the market. Trolling motor mounting is a special advantage for your Raymarine Dragonfly fish finder. The transducer is deluxe with the slim lined body and pivoting mount.

The Wi-Fish mobile application is another benefit of the Raymarine fish finder. You just load it on to your favorite device and upload this great application up to your fish finder for extra settings and viewing of the best fishfinding by Raymarine. Just upload from Google Play on either the Android 4 or greater or the iOS 7 or greater for the application. Connect your device to your fish finder for this fun application. The COG and SOG filter will give the velocity and speed of your vessel on the water as you travel. If you are traveling on rough waters this is an amazing benefit of the Dragonfly 6. You can check your direction and speed when it is questionable or completely clear. It is always reassuring to be able to check your boat speed with GPS accuracy.

The alarms menu on your fish finder is another of the great benefits to owning the Raymarine Dragonfly 6. There are several alarms that are needed for safety. One of these alarms is the Deep Water arrival alarm and triggers as soon as you enter deep water. Shallow water is just as imperative for your trip showing you when you have entered the shallows. The fish alarm shows you fish sensitivity and fish depth limits. It also shows you Shallow fish and depth limits. The deep fish limit is another of these alarms showing your depth of fishing.

The Water temperature alarm is another of these great alarms and will alert you to the temperatures as they rise or fall from the setting you have provided. The waypoint alarm shows you when you have arrived at a waypoint you have selected. This is a great benefit to your alarms so you can customize your fishing as you want to do on your trips.

Raymarine Dragonfly 6
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Raymarine Dragonfly 6 Manual


The Raymarine is a deluxe fish finder for the serious fisherman in any type of water. This fish finder has all the bells, buttons and alarms along with the perfect views of everything below the surface of the water you are traveling. Raymarine has captured marine technology by storm with this deluxe fish finder for serious fishing.

The reviews are off the chart for the Raymarine giving the most successful fishing images while fishing. People love the Raymarine and rave about purchasing this superior high-performance depth finder for fishing expeditions. The bevy of options on the viewing and how you view the screens is another of the superior features to the Raymarine Dragonfly. Setting up your trip with waypoint alarms and notes helps you track everything you do not want to miss the next time you fish certain spots. You can back up all of your memory that you want to keep for the future with your SD card.