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raymarine dragonfly 7

Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Navionics+ CHIRP Review

Another amazing fish finder is Raymarine Dragonfly which is one of the best top three fish finders. Amazing feature and overall every single facility one is going to get through this device. This product has been manufactures by Raymarine.

Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Features

It comes with 7 inch WVGA display. The screen resolution of its display is 800x640px. Raymarine Dragonfly 7 has 2D and Down imaging capacity.

raymarine dragonfly 7
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Among all the features one of the most amazing feature is its CHIRP. Also it’s compressed high intensity radar pulse which is another feature that has made this device special. The device features downvision technology also. This technology provides wonderful clear images from the depths below. The down vision sonar that provides a wide, multiple frequencies and produce extremely clear images.

The display of this device provides craft speed also. Sometimes fishing largely depends on the temperature of water. It has also the capacity of counting water temperature that provides exact information to the users. Having the feature of bottom depth measuring facility is another special quality of this device. Besides providing bottom depth measurement it also provides gradient depth graph for the better satisfaction of its users.

It often creates trouble for users when they use a fish finder device in the bright sunlight. Considering this trouble, the manufacturer has made this device with LCD backlight and 1500 nits. So users can easily watch the screen in bright sunlight or under shade. The device has good control system with various functional switches. It includes on and off button which has the power of controlling brightness.

Besides it has also back button and joystick rotary button. Both of these button scrolls through screen options, other menus, sonar and map menus. Its Screen options allow getting a full-screen display. Also it provides horizontally spilt-screen illustrating both sonar functions and map functions continuously. Now users should know about its sonar frequency.

Frequency of this device is 200kHz sonar/350 kHz down vision. And the depth capacity of the product is 600 ft in both DownVision and sonar modes. Including of GPS facility is another great news for the customer. It has built in internal GPS antenna.

This one is also fully waterproof like the previous one. The device has an optional thule lock. Users use this to attach their fish finder device with the boat. The transducer of this device has been featured with a transom mounting kit and also featured with trolling mounts. So considering all the features of Raymarine Dragonfly, it can be easily realized that this one has been created with premium technology. Also the CHIRP technology of this device is really so much good enough.

Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Pro Spec

  • Easy Screen Switcher
  • Automatic Sonar Optimisation; No Adjustment Required
  • Unique dual-beam Chirp Transducer – Chirp Sonar and Chirp DownVision in one
  • Simple Three Button Control
  • Uni-controller – joystick cursor and rotary dial
  • MicroSD chart and memory reader


  • Easy to use
  • CHIRP technology
  • High-resolution display
  • Accessories
  • Easy controlling system
  • Built-in sonar GPS
  • Micro SD slot


  • Short cable
  • Software updates
  • Interference
raymarine dragonfly 7
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Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Manual


The device is user friendly and easy to use. So there is no chance to feel uncomfortable with this device. Great sonar power, waterproof technology, capability of detecting, high depth scanning capacity and other premium features made this product one of the best fish finders and ranked it well. So anyone who is finding for a ideal fish finder device can take this one without any hesitation. Have a great time with this one.