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Signstek FF-003 Portable Fish Finder

Signstek FF-003 Portable Fish Finder Reviews

Are you currently in the market for an affordable, but reliable fish finder that will improve your overall game? If this is the case, you’ll want to take the time to read all about the Signstek FF-003 Portable Fish Finder. This particular device, which is made by Signstek, has received mostly favorable reviews and is capable of working for a variety of different applications. Below, you will be able to find a comprehensive review of this product.

Signstek FF-003
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An Overview

Whether you’re a professional or an amateur, you will be able to achieve a great deal with the Signstek FF-003. The device is entirely effortless to use and can be used for family vacations or solo trips to the shore. Whether you’re trying to fish in the ocean, lake or river, this device will fulfill your needs. Within the package, you will receive everything you need to locate the fish, within your particular area. The device utilizes Sonar technology and sound waves to detect fish beneath the surface. For most individuals, the 200KHz and 83KHz dual beam sonar technology will be sufficient.

If you’re worried about the small screen, you shouldn’t be! The 2.8” LCD screen provides a revolution of V240xH160. The device operates off of 4 AAA batteries. They will provide you with plenty of battery life, before the batteries will need to be changed. Inside of the box, you’ll find the fish finder, mounting bracket, user manual and a sufficient transducer! All of these things will ensure that you can begin using the device soon after you’ve received it! As far as the depth goes, you can easily detect fish from 2 feet to 240 feet. Although this might be lacking for some, it should be sufficient for most hobbyists.

The overall weight of the device is approximately 15 ounces. This is great and ensures that you’re able to carry it around easily.

Signstek FF-003 Pros

Although the price is small and the screen is even smaller, the Signstek FF-003 is a fairly reliable device that will provide you with everything you need to catch more fish, which is exactly what you want! More pros can be found below.

  • 100-Levels of Sensitivity and Several different depth ranges
  • A small, but a reliable screen that offers 512 colors TFT V240xH160
  • Depth works from 2ft to 240ft
  • Can also help to determine the contour of the surface
  • Water temperature is also provided
  • Entirely effortless to use
  • Very affordable

Although the device might not be suitable for the most serious anglers, it will work for hobbyists and occasional fishermen.

Signstek FF-003 Cons

As mentioned above, serious anglers will likely scoff at this product, due to its limited range, which only travels down 240ft. This is probably the biggest and only real downfall of the product.

Signstek FF-003
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Overall Assessment

Overall Signstek FF-003 is a fairly decent fish finder for everyone. For occasional anglers, the unit is awesome, but for hardcore fishermen, the depth limitations will be very troubling. Still, the portability of the device makes it suitable for various applications including ice fishing. Therefore, you should consider your needs and see if this product fits them!