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Surf Fishing Guide for Beginners

Surf fishing is a very popular type of fishing in beach communities. It’s a great way to enjoy time outside by the ocean as you catch exotic fish right off the coast. If you want to succeed at surf fishing, you need to understand some of the basic surf fishing tips. Here are our top tips for surf fishing beginners.

What is Surf Fishing?

The basic definition of surf fishing is a method of fishing in the ocean from a wading or standing position near the shoreline. It’s not the same as pier fishing, although often confused with pier fishing.

It’s important to be careful of the waves if you plan to use waders when surf fishing. The undertows can be dangerous and you need to check the current conditions before heading out with your waders.

Surf fishing will also involve a method, which can vary from person to person, called surfcasting. This is not quite the same as regular casting for regular fishing. The surf fishing rods are very long and require both hands to get a good distance when casting. You will also have to put your entire body into it if you want to maximize your casting distance.

Top Beginner’s Tips for Surf Fishing

There are many things you need to know as a beginner to surf fishing. It’s not as easy as just buying a rod and reel and heading to the beach. Here are some of the best surf fishing tips for beginners you will find.

Live Bait is the Best Choice

Using live bait when surf fishing is preferred by most. It’s a great way to ensure you have a chance to catch fish. Mole crabs, sandworms, bloodworms, shrimp, hard crab, soft crab, ragworms and squid are all very popular choices for live bait. You can ask a local bait and tackle shop for a recommendation and they will be able to tell you what is working right now.

Check out the Fishing Area Ahead of Time

You don’t want to just show up and hope you have the right place to fish. Many beaches have restricted fishing areas and areas where you are not allowed to fish. you want to plan ahead and find out where the best places are.

When you have a period of low tide, go to the beach and look for areas with sandbanks, structures, dips, hollows and other areas fish might like to hide or feed. When the tide comes back in, you will know where to go.

Use a Fish Finding Rig or a Drop Rig

Your rig will make a big difference and a fish finder rig is the best choice, followed closely by a drop rig. Beginners will want to start with a fish finding rig, as it’s the best choice to get you going. Later on, you can experiment and figure out what you like best.

Avoid Makeshift Rod Holders

You will need a surf fishing rod holder when you head out to your spot. You don’t want to use things, such as coolers and buckets, which can be easily carries out by a larger fish. You want to choose a good fishing rod holder so that you don’t lose the big one to poor equipment.

High Tide is the Best Time to Fish

The best time for surf fishing is always during high tide. This is the time when the fish will come in to feed. If high tide will happen at dusk or dawn, you want to be out fishing. It may be harder to see at these times of the day, but they are the best times to fish.

Surf Fishing Equipment for Beginners

Along with these tips, you need the right equipment for surf fishing, which includes:

If you follow these tips and you get the right equipment, you will have the chance to land more fish, while surf fishing. This is a great way to have fun near the ocean and once you get the right rig, fishing cart and other equipment, you can fish all you want with these surf fishing tips for beginners.