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Troubleshooting Wiring and Power Issues with Humminbird Electronics

Troubleshooting Wiring and Power Issues with Humminbird Electronics

There is no more frustrating thing than having a broken machine when you are already on the water and ready fishing. In fact, sometimes it is not a problem with the unit. It should be a problem with the wiring, fuses, many more. For example, your Fish Finder got a trouble to always shut down by itself without any command automatically. It happens many times and it is not normal.humminbird fish finders

Some fish finders have been innovated and crafted with trouble warning alarm. It will warn you once you have got the problem with your power source and wiring. There are few things you need to check if you find a problem with your Fish Finder. If your Fish Finders have something like troubleshooting, then you should check the few things listed below.

1. Check Out The Wiring Tightness

If your Fish Finder got a trouble of losing power, it perhaps causes by the wiring tightness. Sometimes, the wiring connection is connected improperly. It seems like connected but it is not tight enough so the wire does not supply the electricity. It happens because your wire on the power cord has been older or because you’ve not ever checked the tightness in routine. This will be the simple thing that mostly forgotten. If the wiring tightness is not good, it will unplug automatically. Once this simple thing is fixed, you are ready to continue your fishing.

2. Check the Fuses

The second thing is checking the fuses and ensures it works properly. You can use electric screwdriver to do this things. Pay attention to the light signs given by the screwdriver. Once it gives signs, it means everything is OK with your fuses. It means you have the power in the fuses already. Usually, fuses are placed underneath the fish finder box. The fuses are connected to the Secker breaker which usually has some problem here.

3. Check the Battery Connection

The battery is placed on the back side. You have to make sure the connection are good by tightening some screw using wrench. It takes a few seconds only. The battery connection is the vital part of all connection you have to check. It needs to check since the screw is sometimes not so tight and happens no connection automatically by the time.

4. Get the Battery Replacement

There is a battery reserve when you find that there is no way out you can meet after checking. The battery replacement usually includes on the selling packages and it will be always there. This battery can replace the position of the main battery until the main battery has been fixed up.

5. Set the Setting to the Default

Do not forget to set the setting option in Default position. This setting will ensure your machine get any update warning of the software update. Sometimes, to problem solved once the software has been updated. You need to go to the setting menu and click ‘Restore to Defaults

6. Call the Customer Support

You can easily find out the customer support contact on the manual books. But if you have already done all of the tips above, you will find that your problem can be fixed by yourself. Then you can continue fishing on the water right away.

If you find your machine getting worse, do not be panic. By doing all the tips above, 99% of your problem will be done by yourself. Therefore, finding out the problem is considered to take first before calling the customers support. It is better because you can get back on the water soon.

However, checking it by yourself, you will be more understand about your own machine and it makes you independent when get the same problem next time. This guide is presented to fix up the troubleshooting problem. Therefore, knowing those simple steps to get things done properly is an important thing.


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