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venterior portable fish finder

Venterior Portable Fish Finder Review

Portable fish finders are excellent for the traveling fisherman who loves to switch control with their buddies on captain. You can use your portable Venterior as one of the best of the portable fish finders on every type of trip. Portability is capability in the water and from the shore. Take your fish detection to a new level with the LCD display. Set the sensor for fish finding with alarms for the most accurate fish detection with a portable fish finder.

The best collections of fish finders have all the new marine technology. This can become an addictive habit for fishermen and lovers of fishing. Collecting new ways to find the fish is now a great part of the tackle box and added adventure finding tool for more productive fishing. If you love finding fish this is definitely one to add to your collection for more imaging under drop offs and shore fishing.


venterior portable fish finder
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Temps display for the fish biting experience you want every time on your fishing trips. This affordable portable fish finder has a waterproofed transmitter for protected fish detection. This fish finder has stainless mounting bolt and wing nuts for a more permanent fish finding experience. The Venterior Portable Fish Finder can detect grasses and weeds in areas where you suspect there might be fish huddled around structures.

You can actually find your fish real time on this portable little fish finder with ease. You can take along technology on any fishing trip even from the shore. The Venterior has a transducer which shows the most accurate picture real time for fish finders. It also has the advantage of displaying the fish imaging, structures and temperatures at which fish bite the most.

The virtuview display is real time viewing of all of the views and information you can retrieve from your Venterior. It shows the depth reading and sensitivity setting along with backlighting information. It will tell you if your battery- save feature is on which protects the charge on your Venterior. It also shows the structures such as weeds and bottom read out of the water.

There are fish alarms on this great little fish finder. The alarms sound out loud when a group of fish is detected real time. It only sounds for groups of fish which is great because one fish but that is okay because one will lead to more soon. You can secure your sensor plug through a holder on the top of the unit. This is perfect to secure your marine technology. You can ensure your sensor plug is a waterproofed connection if you firmly plug it in to the socket. You will hear a clicking noise when it is properly inserted which will waterproof and further protect your fish finder.

Your Sonar is fully adjustable and you can easily adjust the float. Just pull out the rubber stopper and move the float so that it is about six to ten inches from the actual sensor. You can move the float to your particularly desired height or depth. Then just replace the plug by pressing with pressure firmly into place in the float


This is great for a collection of fish finders because you can add more accurate fish finding from your boat by casting off on to a float or attaching to the boat hull. Catch any places that other depth finders might miss. You can also take this sonar technology with you on walks to find hideaway fishing spots. This is an excellent tool for night fishing. The backlight will illuminate for three seconds after the fish finder is turned off if you press any key on the fish finder. Backlighting is excellent for night fish finding so you can see but not disturbing the activity below the surface of the water. Add this portable fish finder to your collection of fish finders so that you can change up your custom view for each of your trips. This is a great depth finder with an even better price tag. It is top quality for little money in fish finders.

If you are an apprentice and just starting out using depth finders the Venterior is perfect for a first time fisherman who wants to further his skills fishing. The Venterior measures depths in feet and meters. The features also include an LCD display with anti-UV display and backlighting so that glare is completely not a problem on your view. The sensor beam angle is forty five degrees so that you can go under structures at a steep angle and check for fish activity. Use all of the customized settings on this little fish finder for the best results finding the hot spots when you fish.

venterior portable fish finder
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The reviews written about this fish finder are the best for the portable capability that comes with owning a Venterior. If you love having different types of depth finders this is definitely the one to add to a collection of depth finders for your boats and shore fishing. You can mount it for a more permanent commitment but it is portable and has all the bells and whistles for depth finding detection of fish. The Venterior is a handsome little take along fish finder. You can easily take this with you if you love to find spontaneous fishing spots along your route.

Temperatures are accurately displayed real time and your depths can go up to a hundred meters for the optimum view from a portable fish finder. It uses AAA batteries which are easily carried for extra battery power on your spontaneous trips to the out of doors for a weekend of fun. Creative ways to attach this fish finder to your collection is to attach it to a pole and cast even further out to get readings which your regular fish finder might miss due to angles and structure and clarity of the water. This is an excellent buy for the avid fisherman. The high performance of this excellent fish finder is raved about in reviews across the board on the Venterior.