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vexilar sp200 review

Vexilar SP200 SonarPhone T-Box Smart Fish Finder Review

Vexilar SP200 SonarPhone T-Box Smart Fish Finder: For younger tastes and techno-loving up and coming fisherman, this fish finder fits all of the devices you could possibly own. Compatible with Android, Apple and tablet devices this fish finder makes the technological possibilities permanently mounted on your vessel. The device changing fish finder comes with a neoprene armband for protected access to your devices.

If you love technology you will love turning your tablet or smartphone into the best depth finding tools available. Your tablet will enhance the fishing experience with quality high-performance fishing tools. You can create your own display just as you like with more or less depending on the devices you choose to use with this tech-savvy mounted fish finder. Find the fish with ease on your devices that you trust all day long. The mobile app is easy to learn and operate showing the waterscape beneath the surface of the water you are traveling on to make fishing history.

Vexilar SP200 Features

Vexilar SP200
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The T-Pod feature of the Vexilar is an amazing feature of this fish finder by Vexilar. The SonarPhone Transmitter for the Vexilar works in any location around the globe. The special set up for this WIFI creates its own hotspot and can be shared with others. The TBOX is another feature of the Vexilar that creates even more capability for this fish finder. This fishfinder comes with its very own application called the Sonar Phone and is completely created for old school and young pups who begin to fish as their new stomping ground.

Visual effects of the mobile application are evident to fishermen. The DSM app shows fish on any type of water. The DSM app also couples with the quality performing sonar system. The touchpad screen for your device has an amazing array of settings to choose from for the optimum experience in depth detection. The specs include menu navigation and gain control settings with chart pause and battery life. Turn your phone into the ultimate touch pad settings for complete control of this fish finder by Vexilar.

The most effective feature that is added to the Smart Vexilar is being able to add your device technology and graphics to your fish finding. Turning your expensive technology into better viewing on the water brings clarity and color to fish finding that many fish finders do not do even with superior graphics added. This is an excellent feature of having the Vexilar as your fish finder.


A split screen view produces the ultimate in dual vision capability. The zoom features give a full range of viewing for the fisherman who wants all of the control over his potential fish detection on the water. Turn your devices into the best fish finder with the mobile app and touchscreen settings that have a professional view for the avid fisherman.

Another benefit of having the Vexilar is the demo mode. This mode gives each captain the advantage of training his ship mates in advance of tough terrains and ice with the demo mode. This simulation exercise gives each person a powerful understanding of how the depth finder works in a test setting. Education is power and this fishing tool gives the advantage of education on how to operate and be successful with your fishing experiences.

This is an excellent piece of marine electronics which brings fishing right into the future. Using valuable computer technology to find the fish has been a breakthrough for years and now you can take your computer with you on the water and turn it into a deluxe fish finder in minutes. Easier file handling for keeping diaries and films is another excellent way to bring your dreams to the water in minutes. Log what trips and goals you have for each fishing expedition and take the files with you on the trip. Off time can be extra entertaining going over the water and discovering more hot spots with the history you save and send to buddies.

Serious Control

Gain control gives each user the benefit of maximum control of the menu. Use these controls to decrease the information output on screen and change the view instantly for clarity of your fish and the structures you are searching for activity. These controls may not seem like much until you are out there on the water. The gain control feature gives the user optimum control of the menu and instant access to a clear picture of the activity increase or decrease.

Each of these menu options increase your enjoyment and the access to what you came for when you purchased the Vexilar. The reason fishermen purchase depth finders is to see what you cannot see just below the depths of the water. The more information that can be had is precious when you are blindly seeking fishing activity. The Vexilar Sonarphone gives the user maximum control out on the water.

Vexilar SP200
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The Vexilar Sonarphone SP200 is fairly new to the market but it gives the advantage of using personal devices above just a display monitor. You can be all of these with the Vexilar Fish Finder. Many benefits are required to purchase good fishing equipment. Practical use of tools, money and information optimize your hobby to a skill.

Having good skillsets can even be applied on CV material for future employment. Knowing this is an applicable skillset in the job market increases what tools each fisherman will reach for in the accessories they choose to enhance this future skillset in their possession.

The Vexilar SP200 gives its owner instant access to education on the model and using the weapons you use every day in devices you use to win your daily battles in the work place. This is an excellent tool making a formidable opponent on the water for catching the limit of fish an doing that very quickly with precision.

The Vexilar SP200 SmartPhone Fish Finder is taking marine technology into the future by using computer devices right on the water as the depth finder. You get the benefit of graphics from your device for your fishing finding experiences. You can take the creative edge to your fishing trips with this superior way of depth finding in the waters upon which you fish.