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What Kind of Sport Fisherman Are You?

Veterans of the lines and hooks know more experience you have, there’s always something new to learn. Of course, this does not apply only techniques to catch a fish. The variety of ways of being of the fellow day is almost infinite. Half seriously, half-jokingly, see an inevitably partial and incomplete classification.

Magazine: know everything about fishing, knows all existing techniques and those that will come in the future; but when you run them, you cannot even close a “swivels.”

Sleeping Beauty: Once addresses the boat gets in the cab and does not leave there until the fish is pulled and have the staff list.

Weak gut: Whenever you get sick and blames what he ate before getting on the boat. For him, no pill or patch alleviates.

Ethyl: the fishing day starts with beer, and twelve must be changed to “something stronger.”

Conversationalist: He spends the whole trip talking and talking and talking.

Silent:  After good morning (if any), not a word.

Comfortable: You have to prepare rod, bait, lures and call to leave the cabin “and” fishing.

Chicken: Always braggart, but when it strikes an important and powerful copy, shouts it away from me kills me!

Update: It always comes on board with the latest gadgets of latest fashion and technology: new cane, gloves, reels.

My way: According to him, his way of fishing is the only one serving.

Pro Angler: Future Hall of Fame IGFA. He knows more than all, never wrong, and a fish does not miss never!

Luxurious boat: On board does anything but fish and thanks to his assistants created a legend achieved (merit it always takes him)

Hungry – thirsty: comes on board with nothing in their hands. The whole day is dedicated to devouring the food and drink all drinks that led others.

Hurried: At sea did not rush back, but on reaching the dock does nothing because it is late for a compromise.

Cat: While no meows and purrs, is hoping to reach the dock to take the catch of the day.

Friend: You ‘re always willing to go out and find the best specimens. You do not have to know much but is helpful. Arrives with his team ready, contributes to the expenses passed all an excellent day of fishing, and if a fish escapes, “let the other”. At dockside, it is the first to start cleaning without being prompted.